Chances for University Park Pennstate

<p>Im a highschool junior but really concerned with college, ive taken the SAT's twice (new) and gotten 1930 and 1970, ranked 12th or 13th in my class, taken 4 years of spanish, 3+ AP courses, I've met with a proffesor at PSU, and i've taken a couple tours (i dont know if those last two help me at all, just throwing it out there). I have my major generally decided on (premed) and am a huge penn state fan. Also i play 3 sports and am in a few clubs, what are my chances of getting accepted to university park? (second choice behrend but it's really all or nothing)</p>

<p>pen states not hard to get into dont even worry about it
i got in about 3 days after sending them my app</p>

<p>im talking about upark of course!</p>

<p>PSU doesnt care about writing, so what is your math+CR?</p>

<p>Yeah you sound very similar to me, I was admited to U park very quickly. Don't sweat it too much. Although the Shreyers Honors College is a challenge to get into, and the apps a whole lot longer. I haven't visited the campus yet though. What did you think? </p>

<p>Anyway best of luck</p>


<p>ur in...i got in with 3.7, 1980 on sats</p>

<p>to meyerxc - being such a huge fan of everything pennstate i may be a little biased but i loved the campus, it's got everything you could ever want with the town set right on the edge of campus, just a few blocks from the dorms, everyone talks about how huge and intimidating it is but the times ive been there it doesnt seem like 40,000 kids,
to ckmets13 - math: 680 cr: 640
thanks for the info everyone,</p>

<p>morgan - when did you send in your app?</p>

<p>PSU: Match</p>

<p>no, its definitely a safety</p>

<p>1320 AND 13th in the class?</p>

<p>my brother got in with a 1200 and he was 68 / ~400</p>

<p>i sent my app in on november 16th...they got my app on nov 20 and i got a decision on nov 26</p>

<p>batman - whats 'match'?</p>