Chances for UOP Pre Dental Advantage Program

Hi, I would really appreciate it if anybody could let me know my chances of getting in the Pacific Pre Dental Advantage (6 or 7 year program)

I’m gonna apply this Fall hopefully, so I need some insight.
UW:3.7 W:3.9 … By the end of this semester it will change to at least 4.0 or 4.1 weighted… and 3.8 unweighted.

I took Anatomy & Physiology this semester and received a 79 ©. Would this hurt my chances a lot? Only C on transcript. I was going through a lot and it’s my first college class… I think I will retake it.

EC: 100 hrs of volunteering at afterschool program w kids, kickboxing, secretary of Spirit and Leadership club, Dental Assisting course. In the Dental Assisting course I will be learning everything about a hygienist and work in an office as one.

If I receive a 1350 on the SAT, which is the minimum for the 6 yr, or a 1250 which is above the minimum for the 7 yr, do you think I have a chance of getting in? I am so nervous because of the C. After I finish HS, I will have way more Honors classes which will bring my GPA weighted to 4.3 or 4.4

btw class rank is 1/32 and I will most likely have really good letters of recommendation as well as a good essay

Hello we are very similar. I am also a hs sophomore in the bay area who wants to be in UOP’s accelerated course. I am considering the 5 year plan because both my parents pacific dental graduates. In my eyes, you are just fine. You just need to appreciate what you have done so far and improve as a student. I have a 4.0 weighted (3.83 unweighted), which is close to yours, but there is always room to improve you know. The C in a cc wont be the biggest detriment to your application if u have good ECs (which you do) and the GPA specified (pretty good considering it is your first cc course). It is ur choice to retake it, but i would not waste my time if i were u. Id rather improve my SAT score (self studying right now for August SAT).

For me, I took physics and got an A- first semester and B- second semester (very close to C+). If I were to fall a grade letter, i would be disappointed, but it would be the end of the world