Chances for UPenn and UVA

<p>ACT: 31... retake once more
SAT SUBJECT TESTS: (a band was playing during testing and i bombed the tests)
U.S. history: 790
Math Level 2: 640
Biology: 700
Gonna retake.. 750+</p>

<p>lots of E.C. and awards
lots of community service</p>

<p>If you're a VA resident, you're in! But, if you're not, I'd say reach. Try for a 33+ ACT and I'd say you're in (for OOS).</p>

<p>Other stats.
GPA: unweighted 4/4
weighted 4.15/4
rank 2/160 i will be 1 at graduation but not for early decision
AP's A.P us history 5
only ap offered last year but my school added biology for next year
i am also taking all of the hardest classes and i will graduate will over 30 hrs of college credit</p>

Intermediate Spanish
English Composition</p>