Chances for UPenn or Stanford?

<p>I am currently a junior and I want to go to UPenn or stanford for pre-med. of course these are incredibly difficult colleges to get into, so I was wondering what my chances are. If not upenn or stanford, i would apply to ucla or uc berkeley, so let me know what my chances are for those too!</p>

-haven't taken them officially yet, but judging from practice tests, i am pretty confident i will get over 2300. Im taking the sat in october.
-as a sophomore i got 204 on the psat</p>

-all A's
-overall 4.0 unweighted
-4.5 weighted as a sophomore
-classes: honors english, honors precalc, ap bio, ap chem, ap french, regular history
-freshman/sophomore classes all honors/ap
-4 on apeuro exam</p>

<p>extra curriculars
-cross country 3 years jv
-track 3 years jv
-founder/president of destination imagination club
-active member/officer of key club
-vice president of red cross club
-piano 4 years
-i hold a book drive annually for the past three years. in total I have gathered and donated over 4,000 books to a charity in san francisco for under privileged children
-BASOSA officer</p>

-200+ hours, aiming for 300
-worked with kids as a camp counselor
-volunteered at a hospital
-volunteered in a tax program for low-income families for the past two years (and will continue to)
-other various events</p>

-merit in french national testing
-member of national society for high school scholars
-division recognition in essay contest in center for future global leaders</p>

-teaching assistant/tutor</p>

<p>also please let me know if there is any thing i can do to boost my application please!</p>

<p>If you can get that 2300 I think you have exactly what you need.</p>

<p>Make sure you get 5s on those AP exams at the end of junior year. Also, get a couple of 750+ on the SAT Subject Tests, one should be SAT Math II, that corresponds to Pre Calculus. Why did you not take APUSH and AP Lang?</p>

<p>I am taking AP lang this year. I was considering apush, but unfortunately it is too late to transfer into the class. would self-studying for the ap test help? does taking cpush really hurt my application?</p>