Chances for UPenn Wharton, ED

<p>Asian male from Southern California, large competitive public, class of 2012</p>

<p>UC GPA: 3.93
UW GPA: 3.90
W GPA: around 4.60?
Rank: top 10%; my school bases rank solely on UW GPA
PSAT: 222
SAT: 2310 (710CR, 800M, 800WR)
SATII: 800 US History, 790 Bio-M, 770 Math II (will re-take for 800)
AP's: Biology (5), Euro (5), Statistics (5) -- I have two more scores that will come in mid-August (US History and English Lang, predicting 5's)
Senior Schedule: five APs (APES, Economics, Calculus AB, Chemistry, and English Lit).</p>

<p>School Extracurriculars
-Amnesty International (11, 12) (President)
-FBLA (9, 10, 11, 12) (Vice President)
-American Cancer Society (9, 10, 11, 12) (Board of Directors)
-UNICEF (12) (Board of Directors)
-Interact (9, 10, 11, 12)
-California Scholarship Federation (10, 11, 12)
-Speech and Debate (11, 12)</p>

<p>Volunteer Work
-Co-Founder of a cyberbullying research/advocacy group, which will launch soon at my school and community – we will have people working under us as researchers.
-Currently serve on the board of directors of a local student-run nonprofit.
-Volunteer at a local hospital.
-Volunteered at a city-sponsored volunteer program for two years.
-Also have volunteer hours from school clubs (Interact, ACS, CSF, ect).</p>

-Currently an intern for a professor at a Cal State University.
-Upcoming internship at a large online nonprofit organization.</p>

<p>Job Experience
-Private Tutor
-Kumon Learning Center</p>

-National Merit Semifinalist (will receive letter in September).
-Currently hold several FBLA awards at the local and state level; also have a national award for top three in an event. I also have several awards in recognition of my FBLA accomplishments, including awards from a United States representative, a California state senator, a California assemblyman, and two city councils.
-President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence
-Discus Award
-Two school awards for excellence in Spanish<br>
-Certificate for Level 9 piano</p>

<p>Planning to get recommendations from my counselor, two teachers, and from a Cal State professor.</p>

<p>I intend to pursue a career in finance. I don't have any hooks.</p>


<p>hah well considering Wharton is a complete crapshoot, I'd say your chances are decent. about 40% taking into account that ur applying ED...</p>

<p>Great scores, good GPA and course rigor, ecs are ok and a bit stereotypical for an asian male but your other areas are very solid. I think you have a good shot.</p>

<p>If you can really differentiate yourself in the essays I'd say your chances are very good (above 50%).</p>

<p>I don't think re-taking your SAT-IIs will greatly affect your chances.</p>

<p>Agreed to the poster above.</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback guys. </p>

<p>@Chriszeoli, what do you mean about the stereotypical ECs? Could you point out which ones are stereotypical?</p>

<p>And I'm re-taking just Math IIC because so many people get 800, so it looks kind of bad if I get anything else besides that...</p>

<p>@loldanielol: If you look at the RD and ED threads from this year and last year, a majority of Wharton accept-ees just have 700-800 range, and many 800s are rejected.</p>

<p>@hardworking21, but given how generous the curve is, I'd feel a bit bad sending in a 770 (since that's like a 40/50 raw score, and Wharton wants strong math scores)...but I will definitely take your advice into consideration, as the test is in October. Thank you. :)</p>

<p>Also planning on taking the ACT for a 35+.</p>

<p>Don't make yourself a score though Daniel! Focus your efforts on your essays/ecs. I can promise you that you won't be rejected for a 770.</p>



<p>That's totally NOT worth it! A 770 is an excellent score, and the fact that it's your lowest score indicates you're a very strong applicant (since the other two scores are >770). If you somehow botch up the retake and score lower, that will look much, much worse than having a 770 Math II. And like Chriszeoli said, if you get rejected, it wont be for a 770 instead of 800 on your SAT II.</p>

<p>Your chances are looking good. In-school ECs are decent (not that one can do much within the bounds of one's school ECs anyways), and the out of school ones are excellent. The only slight downside to your overall application is that you don't seem to have any business-esque ECs, although that can very easily be made up for when listing your activities (explaining them in a way that shows you have business attributes) and essays. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. It's true that I don't really have much "business" EC's (besides FBLA), but like you said supersizeme, I feel that nonprofit/advocacy work can easily be described in business terms.</p>

<p>I think the fact that you got 3rd place at FBLA Nationals says a lot about business potential/interest/ability. I mean 3rd in the nation!</p>



<p>Whoops... overlooked that. Yeah, that's definitely a big plus and a very good EC to have for Wharton.</p>

<p>@OP: And remember, quality not quantity. Being 3rd in the nation at FBLA is quality. Having "business ECs" that aren't so top notch but a lot of them is just quantity.</p>

<p>I do have some quality ones that I'll definitely be emphasizing. At this point though, it all comes down to the essays, so not much more I can do EC-wise.</p>

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