Chances for USC, Occidental, UC Davis, U. San Diego, Pomona, Harvey Mudd?

<p>So far these are my stats.....</p>

<p>9th Grade:
High JV/Low V Girls Tennis
Church Youth Group
Volunteer to help with a dance for Disabled Adults
Confirmation Completion
Child Care (6hrs/wk)
Volunteer at Dog-Grooming Center 3x/wk - 3hrs
Scholar Athlete
Honor Roll
Fashion Design Certificate of Competency
Church 1/hr/wk
Worked for Dad in investment business 4hrs/wk
5 tennis tournaments - Got to finals in 2 of them
3.7 GPA UW</p>

<p>10th Grade:</p>

<p>Girls JV Tennis Team
Scholar Athlete
Honor Roll
Child Care 6x/wk
Girls JV Tennis League Champions
The Dory Club - Alzheimer's and Dementia
Tennis Team (non-school) - Open Level
Volunteer helping w/little kids at Sunday School 3hrs/month
Habitat For Humanity
Taught little Kids Tennis 3hrs/wk
(im planning on doing more volunteer work)</p>

<p>3.9 GPA UW</p>

<p>I plan on taking 4-5 APs overall with 1 honors and getting good scores on the standardized tests</p>

<p>Davis--you're good.</p>

<p>Occidental is very much based on interest in the school. Their supplements this year were very long and tedious--but mainly to those who are not interested in the school. Your stats are good for Occidental, but it does not mean you will get in or rejected depending on what you write.</p>

<p>As for the other schools, just keep doing well in school and you will be good by senior year.</p>