Chances for UT-Austin? Health Science Scholars Honors?


I am a senior at one of the most competitive private schools in my state (TX). I want to know if I can get into UT, and maybe even the honors program for health science scholars. Here are my stats:


-4.03 GPA (3.93 unweighted)
-33 ACT
-Most rigorous course curriculum offered in every subject at my school, tons of AP classes and honors
-4 year varsity tennis starter (captain for three years, made playoffs three years I was captain)
-first freshman ever at my school to be elected captain for a varsity sports team
-3 year varsity football starter
-2 years of JV basketball (didn’t play much because I wasn’t good at basketball)
-national honors society
-almost 200 hours of community service, a lot of which was working in emergency rooms in hospitals or clinics.
-spent two weeks in Seattle at a medical conference for aspiring physicians
-paid work as a lifeguard for a year, fully certified in CPR/First Aid
-member of debate team for two years, won rookie of the year award in the first year, qualified for state tournament
-foreign exchange program, hosted two students, one from Vietnam and another from Latvia
-elected senior class representative on student council
-started my own club and served as chairman (scientific research club)
-actor in two theater productions for my school
-felt very strongly about my essay
-no disciplinary record


-Shaky about my recommendations, don’t think I impressed the teachers I asked very much
-Made a C+ in AP Physics junior year
-Negative trend in grades (almost all A’s), but more A-'s and all my B’s and my one C+ were in physics
-white, male, good family income
-did not visit UT or demonstrate much interest
-did not do research in high school

what are my chances like? I love brutal honesty

What is your class rank?

Unfortunately, my school does not rank, even for UT. Our school tells UT who our valedictorian(s) is/are, which I am not. UT gives those valedictorians automatic admission and a full scholarship. If I had to guess, I’d say top 8-13%.

UPDATE: I actually got in today, but still waiting on honors.