Chances for UVA? VT?

<p>I know I am asking this question with out giving you guys a lot of info but, what are my chances of getting into the University of Virginia and/or Virginia Tech. I am a Virginia state resident and my brother graduated from UVa. My current GPA is 4.0 and I am a freshmen. Here is a list of my classes and my so far average grade for each.
Algebra 1-99
World Geography-97
Spanish 1-95
Personal Finance-96
Advanced earth science-95
Advanced english-97

<p>I know it might be too early to tell but if I continue to maintain my grades and I plan on taking around 7-8 AP classes throughout my high school years, what are my odds of these schools?Also, next year I am taking geometry and advanced algebra 2 so I will be in Ap Calculus AB in my senior year. My ECs right now are varsity golf, Future business Leaders of America, Spanish Club, Run club(volunteer work with elementary kids). I plan on increasing my ECs as I go on through school. Keep in my mind that I am taking Spanish 1-4 throughout high school. Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Your classes seem very weak to me. When I was a freshman, I took the most challenging courses available: Honors English, Honors Algebra II, Honors Physics, Chinese I, and Honors Ancient History. Filling your schedule with frivolous classes like JROTC and PE will detract from your college application.</p>

<p>What??? You do not give good advice, my virtuosic friend.
if I continue to maintain my grades and I plan on taking around 7-8 AP classes throughout my high school years


<p>OP, it'll largely depend on your SAT scores, when you take them your junior year: if you're at or above the halfway point of admitted students' scores at either, you will be in that that college for sure. (So if you have UVA-level scores, you'll also be in at VT.) Medium chances if your SAT scores are below their averages, but still not bad.</p>

<p>Virtuoso, in my county it is required to take health and PE in your freshmen year. Will this still affect the application?</p>

<p>Bherbs - I don't 'chance' but wanted to address your concern regarding PE. It is a requirement for graduation. UVa is well aware of this common requirement. Health/PE in 9th grade isn't going to hurt your chances at any school. UVa wants five solids each year (math, science, social studies, english, foreign language). Focus on these, taking the most rigorous schedule you can while keeping your grades high. They use a holistic admissions policy so continue with your ECs, and when the time comes make your best effort on the SATs. UVa is highly selective so it's good to keep an open mind and look at other schools. Virginia is so lucky to have wonderful instate options. Best of luck!</p>