chances for uw

<p>Hey I just wanted to get some other peoples opinions on my shot for uw. </p>

<p>3.8 overall gpa which increased junior year getting 3.85 both semesters
Taken ap us-4
ap euro-3
And I took ap lang last year but I'm taking the test this year.
For senior year I'm taking ap enviormental ap gov ap lit ap calc leadership and an art
I have taken two years of leadership and am going to be apart of my local council for my city this year
I have worked 12 hours per week for wendys all my junior year and still plan to work senior year.
I also have been varsity gymnastics for four years and varsity track for two years for polevault. And this year I'm on the cheer squad as well.
My sat is 1770 so not awesome and its what I'm most worried about but i am taking it again in october.</p>

<p>Washington or Wisconsin?</p>