Chances for Vanderbilt

<p>White male, NY, no hooks
Public HS. Sends a couple kids to Cornell yearly, but pretty lame otherwise.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.92/4, 96.2/100, UW
Rank: 13 of 406 (rank is unweighted)
ACT: 35 (superscore), 34 (one sitting)
SATII: MathII 800, Physics 790, USHistory 790
APs: World History 5, US History 5, Physics B 5, English Language 5, Calculus BC 5</p>

<p>Course rigor is hardest possible. Senior year courses are AP Psychology, AP English Lit, AP Physics C, AP Stats, and AP Economics.</p>

4 years of Varsity/JV baseball (captain position): EC I'm most passionate about, by far, and takes up a lot of time overall
4 years of travel/select baseball
3 years of private baseball lessons (I'm a pitcher)
Coaching youth little league baseball team at their winter practices
1 year of rotary club (community service)
2 years of key club (community service) - ~50 hours total
2 years of math league
1 year of speech and debate team
National Honor Society (treasurer)
French NHS
1 year of self-taught guitar
Freshman year I won an essay contest and was published in a collection of short stories.</p>

<p>Not going to speculate about essays. I believe I'm a good writer and I believe I chose good writers to write about me.</p>