Chances for Vandy, UMich and the like!

<p>I'm hispanic and jewish from Florida.</p>

<p>GPA 3.5/4.0---- competitive private school that doesn't rank.</p>

<p>Freshman year 6 honors, 6 Bs
Sophomore year 6 honors, 3 As 3 Bs
Junior year 4 honors 2 APs, 3As 3 Bs (Bio AP, APUSH)
Senior year 2 honors 4 APs... (AP French, AP Statistics, AP Government/AP
Macroeconomics, AT Microbiology)</p>

<p>SAT: took three times got 1350/2070 E:11
ACT: took once got a 30 E:10 </p>

<p>Major Extra Curriculars:
-Volunteered at Memorial children's center for 20 weeks, 2 hours a week. (Sophomore) (Junior)
-Went 4 years in a row to Congres (French competition in Orlando)
-Part of Friends of FRAT, went to autistic child's house for 20 weeks, 2 hours a week. (Sophomore)
-Volunteered at Kesher, a program that provides a an education for children with learning disabilities from pre-school through high school. (Junior)
-Head of snack food drive for children at the respite shelter in Women in Distress of Broward County. Collected over 600 individual snacks. (Junior)
-Head of school supplies drive for children from low income families so they can do school work at an after school daycare. Collected over 1000 supplies. (Junior)
-Volunteered for a month in Fiji, heading various projects for rebuilding communities and the environment. (56 hours, 2009)
-President and Founder of HELP Club, for underprivileged children and battered women (Junior)
-Vice President of FRAT (Fostering Relationships with Autistic Teens and Children) (Junior)</p>

<p>Minor Extra Curriculars:
-Treasurer of Green Team (Freshman)
-NHS Member
-National French Honors Society Member
-National Science Honors Society
-NFL (National Forensic League) Member</p>

<p>I want to major in Biology.</p>

Vanderbilt University--------------ED
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor---legacy
University of Wisconsin- Madison
University of Texas- Austin
Emory University
Tulane University
University of Florida</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Vandy a definite stretch, both your GPA and SAT a bit low, but not impossible of course. Same for Emory. Because you are a URM, it is always tough to know about schools like these. State schools are tough to predict because you are OOS, except for FLA, but legacy at Michigan might help some. Going strictly by stats you are borderline except for FLA. Tulane I think you have a decent shot at, being Hispanic will help.</p>

<p>I agree. Your status as a URM gives you a slight edge, but I think that in general, Vandy and Emory would be stretches. I think you have a decent shot at Michigan, Texas, and Wisconsin, though, as well as at Tulane. I'm almost certain you'll get into University of Florida. Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks.... anyone else?</p>

<p>Good chance at Michigan, but your GPA is a little low. Vandy and Emory will be low reaches because your stats are slightly below average. Although you are qualified for Tulane they have a really low admittance rate, so don't count on it. U of Florida you are in for sure. Wisconsin and Texas you should be in also.</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>