Chances for Wellesley?

<p>I just visited Wellesley a couple days ago and absolutely loved it... I feel a bit obnoxious posting this, and do understand that input on CC is extremely subjective and certainly doesn't guarantee anything, but would appreciate any input.
Thanks! :)</p>

This is very long, so I apologize in advance! I'm a rising senior at a Catholic all girls school in the San Francisco Bay Area (northern CA). No interesting tidbits about my family- both parents are college graduates.
I hope to major in sociology or IR in college- or if I get into Wellesley, they have a Peace and Justice Studies major that I would definitely consider!</p>

weighted GPA: 4.31 (cumulative)
I'm not sure what my unweighted GPA is, but I have all As and Bs- more As than Bs.
I've taken the most challenging courses that my school offers.</p>

<p>9th grade courses:
English I Honors, Global Studies, Bio, Geometry Honors, religion, Photography, Fitness, French I
10th grade courses:
English II Honors, AP World History, Chem, Algebra II Honors, religion, French II Honors
11th grade courses:
English III AP (language+comp), AP US History, AP Environmental Science, Trig/Precalc Honors, French III Honors, Dance, World Religions, Peace and Social Justice
12th grade courses:
English IV AP (lit+comp), AP Gov't (with Econ), Physics Honors, Calc AB AP, AP Psychology, Contemporary Themes of Liberation, Creative Writing</p>

SATs: (first try- will retake in October)
Verbal- 770
Math- 690
Writing- 800</p>

Don't remember individual scores, but I believe my composite was 225... I'm pretty sure I'll be a national merit semifinalist, at least.</p>

World History- 4... I think that Wellesley only takes 5s, though! :)
Took APES, APUSH, and AP Language and Comp. this year.</p>

after 9th grade: People to People Europe trip, summer camp counselor
after 10th grade: toured the Baltics (Estonia, Finland, Russia) with choir, summer camp counselor
after 11th grade: performed in Carnegie Hall with choir, representing high school at Girls State California next week, summer internship with San Francisco city gov't (Local Board on Housing and Homelessness- poverty and homelessness are issues that are of great importance to me!)
after 12th grade: will be touring England with choir- the rest is TBD</p>

9th grade:
-debate team (parliamentary)
-choir (outside of school- by audition only, have been involved since grade 6)
-SADD club- core council member
-Girl Scouts</p>

<p>10th grade:
-debate team (parli)- team captain
-SADD club- core council
-Girl Scouts
-CSF (California Scholarship Federation) member
-NHS member
-youth committee for local Relay for Life (walk for American Cancer Society)</p>

<p>11th grade:
-debate team- captain, awarded "Most Valuable to Debate"
-choir (outside of school)
-joint performance choir with my school and the all boys school
-SADD club- upperclassman chair
-Girl Scouts
-CSF member
-NHS member
-youth chair for local Relay for Life (headed up youth committee I was involved with in grade 10)
-volunteered at local homeless shelter weekly, and hosted Mother's Day party in May.</p>

<p>12th grade:
-debate team- captain
-choir (outside of school
-performance choir (with school)
-SADD club- president
-Girl Scouts
-CSF member
-NHS- community service coordinator
-Relay for Life youth chair</p>

-I've been on a couple justice immersion trips with my school. I participated in a protest at Fort Benning in Georgia against the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (School of the Americas) in my sophomore year. This year (junior year) I participated in local trip to the Tenderloin District of San Francisco over spring break, where we engaged in direct service (soup kitchens, food banks, etc.) and spoke with directors of local nonprofits and government agencies.
-I've had several of my letters to the editor published in local newspapers. Not a huge deal, but my English teacher has advised me to slip this into my resume somewhere.</p>

<p>... If you've read through all of this, thank you so much! I know that this is obscenely long. :)</p>

<p>You'll be fine. I'm almost positive you could get in. Your stats are almost impeccable, and mine were not nearly as good, yet I got accepted during regular decision. If you are seriously considering Wellesley, maybe you should go for early decision. However, I still think they'd take you for regular. Best of luck! =)</p>

<p>you're fine!!! :)</p>

If anyone else has more input, here are my SAT IIs:
World History- 700
US History- 760
Lit- 760</p>

<p>And this year's APs:
English Lang+Comp- 5
APES- 4</p>


<p>Yay Girl Scouts! FYI, Wellesley has an active Campus Girl Scout group.</p>

<p>Wow! I hope to get into Wellelsey as well, but your stats look amazing. Hope all goes well for you :)</p>