Chances for Wharton?

Hello! I am currently a junior attending public school in Southern California. Please chance me for UPenn’s Wharton School of Business
GPA(UW): 3.9
GPA(W): 4.2
SAT: 1520(may retake depending on my chances)
ACT: none

Varsity rowing sophomore and junior year
Leo’s club since 6th grade - I was just elected President for the 2018-2019 year
Leo’s Southern California District Ronald McDonald House Chairman sophomore year
TEDxYouth@AlamitosBay sponsorship coordinator
3 year internship working for a local real estate brokerage
Altar server at church since 5th grade
Attended Leo Leadership camp all 3 years(planning on attending next year as well)
Currently attending a National Leo Leadership Convention in Las Vegas over the summer
Will also be attending a USA/Canada Leadership Conference in August

I know my GPA is not solid, but is there any chance my extracurriculars could at least give me a chance?