Chances for White Male

<p>Hey Guys I'm a white male from a suburban town and from a 2A high school. My graduating class has approx. 300 people. What are my chances of getting into Princeton?</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0
Class Rank: 1 of approx. 300
SAT I: 1440; Math:770 Verbal:670
SAT II Math Level 1: 760
SAT II Chem.: 720</p>

<p>Higher Level Classes:
AP Calc BC - 4 ; AB - 5
AP Chem - 4
AP US - 4
Frederick Community College Class - Film History 101</p>

Varsity Basketball
Varsity Outdoor Track
Key Club
Student Government Association
Model United Nations</p>

Freshman Basketball Captain (9th Grade)
Junior Varsity Basketball Captain (10th Grade)
Student Government Web Site Committee Chairperson (10th - 12th Grade)
Student Government Treasurer (11th Grade)
Senior Class Council (12th Grade)
President and Founder of Model United Nations (12th Grade)
Maryland Boys State: President of City Council
Maryland Boys State: State Delegate</p>

<p>Community Service:
Approximately 180 Hours including:
Special Olympics Fall of 2004
Special Olympics Spring of 2005
Walk-a-thon for the Homeless Spring 2003
Middletown Basketball Camp Staff Member (Summers of '03 and '04)
Working with Autistic and Mentally Handicapped Children</p>

National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, Laboratory of Genomic Diversity - Frederick Intern</p>

<p>Your SATs are decent; they certainly won't harm you. A higher SAT 1 (if you feel you can do better) would not hurt.</p>

<p>To be a competitive candidate you're going to need some sincere, insightful essays. You have a really neat collection of ECs that will give you this potential. Your interests seem only slightly scattered; either bring together some interests in your essay or remember to focus.</p>

<p>My guess at your chances would be above average. Potentially a very strong application. Good luck : )!</p>

<p>Thanks, I think I can center my essays on politics possibly because I feel that is a general theme for my high school career... Also I am going to be taking the new SAT and I feel I can get a composite score of 1500-1550... the writing score should be a 700 or so... also im taking ap lit, ap bio (this summer with John's Hopkins gifted program), ap psych, ap environmental sci</p>

<p>dude, we have very similar stats except i am aiming at ur sat score but have few more ec's.
i'm crossing my fingers</p>

<p>Hey Polish, yeah good luck I need to bring mine up a bit though... I will be taking the new Sat and should score in the 1500s and have a writing score of about 700, I have found actually A LOT of people in the exact same position as me... its going to be tough. We need to have some sort of hook or something that sets us over the edge of other candidates that look almost identical to people like you and me.</p>

<p>Think I'm overshooting...
UWGPA 4.0 WGPA 4.7 class rank 9 of 417 Sat M 740, CR 630, w 700, no SATII yet, ACT not in yet. Natl Honor Soc, TriM Musical Honor Society, German Honor Society, 3 Letters in Academic Team - math with co-captain 11th gr, 2 Letters in Honors Band with sectional leader trumpet in Jazz Band, work with food bank, choral, instrumental, other volunteer work at church, crosby scholars, peer tutoring. AMC 12B score 87. Other state-wide math competitions can't remember scores.</p>