Chances for Yale E/A

<p>I'm an international student from Hong Kong and I was just wondering about my chances at these schools:
Yale (E/A)
Claremont McKenna</p>

<p>What would be a decent backup?</p>

<p>My profile:
Chinese - Cantonese is my First Language
SAT I - 720 Verbal 760 Math
SAT II - 800 Math IIC, 760 Chem, 740 Writing, 800 Chinese w/listening
Currently enrolled in IB (International Baccalaureate), taking
History Higher Level
Economics Higher Level
Mathematics Higher Level
English A1 Standard Level
Chinese A2 Standard Level
Chemistry Standard Level</p>

<p>Each course is taken over 2 yrs, with a highest possible (unweighted) grade of 7.
IB grade: 42 (all 7s)
My school does not rank students but I am one of 3 in a class of 101 to score the maximum score of 42.</p>

<p>Awards/ Honors:
Headboy (Student body president of K-12 school)
Headmaster's list all 4 yrs in high school
Numerous subject awards
Yale Book Award (awarded by local Yale Alumni Club)</p>

Student Council President (Gr. 11), Student Council Class rep (Gr. 9,10)
Chair of Senior Student Committee (Gr. 12)
Basketball (JV captain Gr. 9,10; Varsity Gr. 11,12)
Model United Nations delegate (Beijing MUN Security Council Gr.11, Hong Kong MUN General Assembly Gr. 12)
Student Newspaper reporter(all 4 years)
Community service: English classes for underprivileged local school primary school children. 2 hrs/week...planned these classes (fun, interactive activities)</p>

<p>Please let me know, any contribution is appreciated! =] thanks a bunch</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>50+/50- ...</p>

any more input?</p>

<p>Hate to tell you, your SATs are too low to get into most of those. Have you looked at a state university? Perhaps in New Mexico? (they can't reject you there)</p>

<p>1480 is <em>low</em>?
He's an international.</p>

<p>1480 is fine</p>

<p>can anyone give a rough estimate of my chances at these schools?</p>