Chances for Yale, MIT, Duke and UPenn

<p>Hi thanks for chancing me</p>

<p>I am a rising senior
i live in north carolina
Asian American
2230 SAT
GPA: 5.2 weighted, 3.9 unweighted
I have taken 10 ap classes so far, 3 next year
class rank: 4
-at my school an A in an Ap class is 6, B is 5, ........ for weighted</p>

<p>bio sat 2: 740
US history: 750
Math 800</p>

-first generation
-part of National Honor Society (secretary)
-key club vice president
-tsa president and co founder
-fbla president
-beta club member
-asian club secretary
-varisty swimming (3 years, looking at 4 years for next year)
I also swim year round, part of my year round club's national team
-internship at local bank (over summer of junior year)</p>

<p>did u cure aids too?</p>

<p>i wish. hwo are my chances though?</p>

<p>It is likely insignificant, but can I see your SAT breakdown? A great weakness in one area could be damaging.</p>

<p>As long as you have a very good essay, good recommendations, and your SAT score isn't weak in one area, you should have a very good shot at getting into Yale, MIT, Duke, and UPenn. Your GPA is amazing, taking 10 AP classes by the end of Junior year is tremendous, and your extracurriculars are outstanding.</p>

<p>Then again, with such low admittance rates to some of these schools, you never really know for sure what they want in a candidate.</p>

<p>Maintain your grades and activities senior year; good luck.</p>

<p>A very good shot at Yale as an Asian with a 2230? That's an irresponsible post.</p>

<p>I don't understand why some assume that an Asian would have nothing to offer to any university he or she applies to...</p>

<p>At some universities, if they aren't a majority, Asians are a significant proportion of the student body. Apparently, there seems to be some merit from a general perspective. It's not like we're all robots that study day in or day out [as if that's some racial trait, let alone a bad one---considering we're in school lol].</p>

<p>Would it be preferred if the OP be of another heritage? Perhaps it's more impressive if another race does well on a standardized test that tells us very little in terms of personal aspects?</p>

<p>edit: qwe_tmkns, congratulations for your accomplishments and excellent SAT scores. What's "TSA"?</p>

<p>Redrosses: speaking as an asian male senior who has seen MANY other asian males get into top colleges with subpar SAT scores but with many other very strong points, you are a retard. GTFO this forum you ignoramus fool.</p>


<p>Thats the first time I saw the word ignoramus used ever since it was in my 9th grade vocab book. kudos.</p>

<p>Redroses is correct in that the vast majority of unhooked applicants with scores around 2230 are rejected at the most selective schools.</p>

<p>lol OP, do you go to like Enloe High or something? or NCSSM?
you're completely fine for Duke and perhaps MIT.</p>

you're completely fine for Duke and perhaps MIT.


<p>The OP is far from being ensured a spot at Duke.</p>

<p>They always shoot the messenger. All of you may enjoy understanding the FACTS where admissions to ivies is concerned. The Price Of Admission, by Golden, won it's author the Pulitzer. In the book he shares many facts, including that an Asian candidate would need 50 points higher on the SAT than a white canidate for an equal shot at n ivy. Given that the 75th percentile, where unhooked applicants want to be, is 790 for each SAT section at Yale....well, you do the math.</p>

<p>Enigma, maybe I'm missing something, but what are the compelling ECs you see here they my trump stats?</p>

800 math, 710 reading, 720 writing</p>

<p>Everything looks pretty good. You have a decent to good chance at all the top schools.</p>

<p>Sometimes it really does suck being asian. Compared to a lot of other asians, my sat score isn't amazing. Does race really matter that much though?</p>

<p>The difference with respect to one's chances between being White, Asian, and omitting the race category is minor. Also, while Asians' relatively high average SAT score probably does influence admissions officers' mentalities, your scores (and the rest of your application) will not be directly compared to other Asian applicants'.</p>

<p>Ah. that helps. Do you think it would be a good idea to take the sat again though to see if I could get a better score?</p>

<p>Only if your score was lower than you expected based on practice tests or you are willing to put in significant preparatory time without incuring a great opportunity cost.</p>

<p>maybe one thing that all these debaters may have missed is that you are a FIRST GENERATION. What is silverturtle talking about when he says no hook??? I don't see his point. Anyways, you have a fair chance, although not garaunteed. I believe your safeties would be UNC, so don't worry too much. Since you are ranked 4 (i have no clue what school you go to but assuming you go to a competetive one) you have a better chance than the rest of ppl ranked below you for getting into MIT. Basically telling you that you will get in is not only a bad advice but also an overconfidence booster. You never want to have overconfidence b/c you still have that essay part. If I give you doubt (which I will) then you are more likely to have that desperate attitude of getting into your dream universities. Not only will you succeed with the latter but also be more likely to convince the schools of your general attitude and passion. If that SAT thing was your first try, then take it again to superscore on writing (I think you can really improve in this section but the choice is yours if you wanna spend the time doing so).</p>