Chances for Yale + other IVIES!!

<p>Hey everybody! I'm currently a sophomore and would like some advice on how to improve my chances of getting in to the Ivies, especially Yale! Any help/suggestions/other advice would be much appreciated!!Thanks!
Gender: Female</p>

<p>Ethnicity: White</p>

<p>School: Public school in Arizona</p>

<p>Rank: So far, I am 5/425</p>

<p>ACT: 27 on Kaplan Practice ACT</p>

<p>SAT Subject Tests: I plan to take US History and Biology in June and am aiming for at least a 750 on both</p>

<p>APs: Currently taking APUSH and AP BIO; I hope to earn 5's on both...
Next year, I plan on taking all honors + AP Psychology, AP Language and Composition, and AP Chemistry
Senior year, I'm going to Physics Honors + AP Government, AP Spanish V, AP Lit, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics</p>

<p>EC's: Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Softball, President of Recycling Club, member of Community Service Club, will <em>hopefully</em> be inducted into NHS</p>

<p>Sports cont.- I hope to continue softball in college and will be attending numerous softball camps over the summer to improve my chances!!!!</p>

<p>Others: In addition to softball camps, I am going to participate in a number of volunteering projects ranging from Habitat for Humanity to working at homeless shelters! Also, I will be preparing myself for PSATs and ACT over the summer!!</p>

<p>Forgot to mention that my gpa is 4.0/4.0 and 4.76/5.0</p>

<p>The problem with chancing for Ivies is that know one can be certain. Based on your goals, you have a fair shot. You are what is called a common applicant as most applicants have similar recs as you. The problem is that the competition has gotten so intense that many people have started loading on AP's, having ton's of EC's, winning awards and doing everything humanly possible to get it. You are really going to have to give it your all and do something that makes you different from other applicants, whether that it is something you do at school or how you write your application essay. I wish you the best of luck. </p>

<p>Oh, the ACT grade has to go waaaaaay up though to be even considered. From recent statistics, lots of Ivie candidates have been getting around 2300-2400, sometimes low 2200. </p>

<p>Something that I recommend is unless those softball camps are top notch/prestigious, do something else during the summer. Follow your passion and do a summer school sort of program. There is the summer@brown, JSA, Stanford EPGY, TASP, Clark's program, Garcia program, a ton a ton of different summer programs in both science and humanities. So that is also something to look into. </p>

<p>I don't really know how else to help you seeing as you have a good understanding of what is required from you.</p>

<p>Thanks sooo much! I'll definitely consider those summer programs!</p>

<p>Your ACTs are incredibly low. Take into consideration that you look like everyone else who applies to ivies. I'm sorry, but you need to make yourself look special.</p>

<p>@jsmithine </p>

<p>You're welcome! If you want, I can tell you what the JSA program was like once I go! </p>

<p>I'm sure that it you ask around or check out the other forum questions, you can find people's opinions about the programs. </p>

<p>@isabelog Hahahaha yeah, those scores do need to go up. But it was just a practice test and with some study and effort, hopefully the grade will go up!</p>

<p>You've gotten good advice on ECs, so I'll just add that if yours is an average schools, not sending many to ivies, you should get your rank to top 2.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of the GREAT advice!! and itsafunnything, I will definitely be checking out the JSA program; do you know what the costs are?</p>

<p>I think all of your stats are decent.. but to truly stand out, I would recommend that you call the college to demand their acceptance... I know this sounds ridiculous but it shows confidence in your abilities and your great interest in the school. take it from me, Yale class of 2008.
if you have questions, be sure to contact me and we'll skype about it.</p>