Chances from CALI

<p>White Male
All-boys Catholic High School in San Francisco, CA
GPA-4.0 uw
SAT-700 CR/800 M/690 W (2190)
SAT II-Pending

<p>8 APs by graduation-5's on World History, European History, and Environmental Science, 4 on English Language</p>

<p>Taking AP US History, US Gov't, English Lit, and Calculus AB</p>

-Basketball all 4 years, Varsity Junior and Senior year. Captain Senior year on HIGHLY successful team.
-President/Founder of European-American Club at school (School is only 20% white)
-Editor of Editorial Section of Newspaper Senior Year
-Shadow Program at school all 4 years
-CSF (Cali version of NHS)
-100 hours of community service at Adult Day Care Center and tutoring elementary school kids
-Beginning to learn French on my own after taking Spanish in school.</p>


<p>Is the Shadow Program anything like our nation's Shadow Government? Or do you have melanoma?</p>

<p>The shadow program is where you take prospective students around for the day as an ambassador.</p>