chances getting admitted to Lehigh early decision

<p>i love lehigh and i believe i will go early decision there
i have a 3.84 gpa with a 3.94 gpa junior yyear
i got a 710 on math and a 570 on english
i ran xc for 4 years
i played varsity tennis for 4 years and i am the captain
im in diversity club for 2 years
im in drug and alcohol peer educators club for 2 years
i received a 1 day in school suspension junior year for cheating, that is my only blemish on my record granted it is a huge blemish
just wondering what my chances are</p>

<p>And I volunteered at two hospitals 4days a week this entire summer</p>

<p>Honestly, I think that your suspension will hurt your application. I think that for you to have the best possible chance, you should try to pull up your CR score to at least 600, so that it is in the middle 50th percentile of students at the school. Also, you will need to be able to explain the suspension and show your regret about what happened. I think that you will still have a chance at the school, especially with a good explanation of the suspension and with an early decision application.</p>

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<p>Thanks, I have a really good essay explaining my regret, studying my vocal too, I have no idea how I got a 570 haha</p>