Chances? Happy Almost New Year's Eve!!!

<p>Finally got my ACT scores so this might be the last time I ask for chances
I'm a Hispanic female in low-income family in California and bilingual
Here are some stats:
GPA: 3.49 (UW) 4.03 (W)
SAT: 580 (CR) 560 (M) 520 (W)= 1660
ACT: 28 (Eng) 24 (M) 31 (R) 28 (Sci)= 28
Rank: 31 out of 560 (top 10%)
Extracurricular: few clubs (4) no leadership mostly community service, library volunteer with 125+ hours since Jan 2011</p>

<p>Essays: (UC's) 1st: The essay that asks where are you from and how did it make you who you are. I wrote about where most of my (extended) family worked and that my parents were later laid off and we moved and how that influenced me. Talked about optimism and my teacher corrected it and said it was "whimsical", so I think it was the best one.
2nd: I wrote about an experience that is important to me and how it relates to who I am. I wrote about an unexpected death in the family and how it made me realize to not ignore reality (I was in denial) and also talked about optimism. This one was a bit rushed and the word limit kept it short.</p>

<p>chance for: UCLA (undeclared), UCSD (biochem), UCI (nursing), UCR (biochem), CSULB, CSUF
already accepted in SDSU (for nursing)
also do other colleges still accept apps in February?</p>

<p>thanks in advanced!</p>

<p>Forgot this: SAT IIs: 650 (US History) 620 (Lit) 600 (Bio M) 550 (Math 2)
APs: Art history 4, US history 3, Eng Lang 3
Currently taking: Spanish Lang, Eng Lit, Calculus AB, Euro History, and Gov</p>

<p>The only thing I can think of is that your test scores might be a problem for UCLA, which is a very selective school.</p>