Chances Harvard Latinx 2025

I am international student(Latinx)
*I have HM in IMO
*Bronze APMO
Other math prizes
*Bronze Iberoamerican math competition
I added a National competition in which I got 3rd. Subjects evaluated were: Math, Physics, Spanish, Biology and so on…

Since 8th grade I have tutored math at home during 3/4 hours daily to help my family.

Also worked at a pharmacy on vacations to help my grandmother.

My personal statement is about the women that raised me and the values learned to become who I am(I believe it is nice)

I chose the letter to a roommate to show some personality, quite creative according to me.

I studied in a public school in a remote town and due to the pandemic I could not move to take standardized tests, but prepared for them. I know no one cares, but I expected a low score on SAT, it the practice tests I got like 1450, Math II was always 800, and in physics I expected 750. I felt like my scores would have been at least enough to be considered, but anyways I did not take them nevermind.

I also did some volunteering helping orphans, and I am trainer of the junior math selection of my country.

My school is public and small in a remote city, so I have worked really hard to get selected for olympiads. We do not have AP courses or something alike.

I have learned basic coding on my own and calculus.

I want a sincere opinion, I am quite disappointed though. I just applied because I will never know if I do not try, but I do not have high expectations.

Do you have grades and a GPA? Have you had straight A’s throughout high school (I am guessing based on your other results)?

Assuming very good grades I think that your chances are slightly higher than the average international applicant. This means greater than 1%, and means that it is worth an application. I am sure that you know that it is not a safety and your chances are probably less than 5%.

Congratulations on your success to this point. I think that you will do very well wherever you end up. If you get into Harvard then show up planning to work hard and keep ahead in your classes, and let us know!

Wow, thanks. I really appreciate your response.