Chances Harvard?!?!?!?!

<p>International Student:</p>


<p>Lived in Philipines(3 years)/Korea(6 years)/USA(3years)/Canada(2.5years)Brazil(3 years). Currently living in Brazil </p>

<p>Speak Fluently w/out Problem: Korean, English, Portuguese
Read and Write: Chinese, French</p>

<p>Rank: 1
Current GPA: (100 point system): GPA 102.9% Final for Junior Year
SAT I: 1300 (600 V 700 M) OLD SAT
SAT I: 2200 (720 V 750 M 730 W) NEW SAT
Will re-take SAT I NOVEMBER
SAT II: Will take MATH IIC, BIOLOGY M, LIT in the Fall (750+)</p>

<p>TOEFL: 295/300
Stellar Essays: Perfect on both SAT and Toefl</p>

<p>APs: World History 5, Euro History 4, Biology 5, English Lit.4
APs for Senior Year: Music Theory, Calculus BC, Psychology, English Lang., Chemistry, Physics, Economics (Some will be Ind. Study outside of regular courses)</p>

<p>FRESHMAN YEAR: Was accepted into Pre-IB through examination with full accelerated Sophomore Curriculum (Canada)
SOPHOMORE Year: Moved to Brazil --> Honors courses and AP </p>

SPORTS: Rowing Team Captain for 2 years in Canada
National Lifeguard 2 Years Canada
Swim Team
Track Team-500m</p>

<p>CLUBS/ACTIVITIES: Founder and Director of school digital video production/TV Station club. Published professional DVDs (even a promotional video for Embassies of various countries including US and a documentary for the US State Department). - 4 years straight
Debate Club Captain
Knowledge Bowl
Student Council Treasurer
Student Council President (Gr. 11)
Class Representative (Grades 9 and 11)
University of Waterloo Math Contest 7th Place in Canada (Grade 9)
Jazz Band: Performance at the Brazilian National Theater of Arts and various Embassies and huge gala events. Participation in Sao Paulo Jazz Festivals and All South America Music Festival. Trumpet, Piano
Concert Band: 1st Trumpet Lead
Senior Orchestra: 1st Violin Maestro
Church Activities: Violin/Trumpet/Piano/Drums in Praise Group. Volunteered at huge Evangelistic events in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, etc.(300,000+people) and services(Every NIGHT!). Travelled with the praise group to various cities and planning to also play at an international evangelistic meeting to be broadcasted live via TV.
Tutor: Math/Science for 2 years
Music Teaching: Currently teaching theory, violin, and trumpet in church and private lessons at home.
Math,Science,English,Portuguese Student of the Year
Donaldson Award (GPA Award in Canada - 1 per school)
James Madison Award (GPA Award Brazil)
Currently working in Day summer camps, part-time secretary at city hospital, private tutor/music teaching.</p>

<p>I'll try out Harvard for EA - if not RD.</p>


<p>You look like a strong applicant, especially because you have lived around the world. Still, your essays will have to be good.</p>

<p>Your probability of acceptance is probably around 60%.</p>

<p>arent' ya the person who plays like 10 instruments all with recordings and whatnot?</p>

<p>Yeah man! You definitely need fto take good care of your essays, the way you express your interst in various co-curriculars.....what really is your passion....and of it how is the impression the interviewer gets about all what you write or say... you need to be aware about the things you have been doing for the sake of it, and those you have been doing for your pleasure....need not worry....your international exposure and if you have gained anything from it will be automatically evident in your communication to the university....and then you should have the 'best of luck!'</p>

<p>You are in babe! I got defferred by Harvard... and after looking at your profile... I have no chance!</p>

<p>since the average rd is like give you 15-25%</p>

<p>why did you guys bump up a topic that has been inactive for like.. 4 months</p>

<p>exactly what I was thinking. Today some guy replied to a post I made in November, about a math problem I needed for my test the next day, he was like, "I hope im not too late"</p>

<p>I wonder how old are you guys with all these extracurriculars? 18? 19?</p>

<p><em>sigh</em>...another genius. you are.</p>

<p>Well, okay.
Thanks ppl. TIme to close this post.
I was accepted RD.</p>

<p>to add to that report, there was this research done for a formulation of a new medicine from brazilian medicinal plants.</p>

<p>OOPS sorry its EASC***....too late here in brazil =(</p>

<p>and also 2270 retake on SAT</p>

<p>math 2c 800
literature 730
biology 780</p>


<p>vivo congrats, may I know what you wrote about in your essay?
I'm sorta a rookie...