Chances Here

<p>I’ve been reading a lot here for a while now, but I’ve only just registered, and I figured I’d start posting…</p>

<p>I’m a high school junior right now and I’m just wondering what my chances at some of the Liberal Arts Colleges in the Midwest are. I underachieved quite a bit in high school, but I’m hoping that my essays and test scores will make up for that somewhat.</p>

<p>GPA- 2.96
ACT- 30
SAT- 1980</p>

<p>The schools I’m looking at right now are:</p>

<p>Antioch College (thinking this might end up being too radical for me, as liberal as I am, though we’ll see)</p>

<p>College of Wooster (don’t exactly know how good my chances at a decent financial aid package or even at admission are here, but I really like the school and I’m planning on visiting in April)</p>

<p>Oberlin and Reed (I realize that Reed is in the Pacific NW, and that both of these are almost certainly out of my league, although it never hurts to dream, right?)</p>

<p>Kalamazoo, Macalester, Denison and Kenyon (don’t know too much about these schools, except for that they are very good, although again, they may be a little bit out of my league)</p>

<p>Safety right now looks like U of D Mercy, (close ties with my high school)
and Financial Safety looks like Michigan State or Grand Valley State, which I hear is very underrated.</p>

<p>I realize this is a very long topic, and to any of you who are still reading, thank you! I guess I’m just looking for people’s thoughts on any of these schools…</p>

<p>Thanks a lot in advance.</p>

<p>antioch accepts almost anyone, so i wouldnt worry too much. however if you want scholarships, try as hard as you can to bring up your gpa and do extracurriculars. </p>

<p>its a very unique school and VERY radical. you must visit before going there to be able to even begin to understand it.</p>