Chances @ HYPS...for a Canadian?

<p>Hi! I am a old cc user, but since CC now has a new forum and possibly lots of new members, i would like ppl to predict my chances at HYPS and the like...Thx!</p>

<p>I am currently a junior student in Canada...
School Type: Public, 2000+ students
Class Size: 470
Rank: School does not rank
GPA: 3.875</p>

<p>SAT I : 1540
New SAT: dunno yet
SAT II: haven't taken yet....</p>

<p>School Schedule: </p>

<p>IB Program Diploma Candidate
taking 7 ib course (5 HL, 2 SL)</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars: </p>

<p>Violin (Youth Orchestra, various local awards) ;
School Newspaper Editor;
School Reach;
Service at various places;
Leadership Club;
Published (author of) research paper in science journal; Doing scientific research at university lab (hopefully co-author another scientific paper);
Various awards in school, science, math, and music. Will represent school/province to go to national conference. Volunteer at local hospitals/community centers.
Top academic grade 8 and 9, grade 10 does not give top academic awards, only subject awards. Top math/science/english award at 8/9/10 levels. </p>

<p>As you can see, i do a bit of everything...I think i should focus on one or two activities but *sigh, dun no what to do...anywaz, I appreciate all help! =)</p>


<p>Also, could you also suggest which school/s i would have a higher chance of getting in if i apply early action/decision?
I went to the ivy league fair and i really couldn't decide which school i would apply to ea/ thx!=)</p>


<p>I will also possibly become the head of our school nwspaper. </p>

<p>other ECs,
Volunteer @ hospital by playing music to disabled elders
Amnesty International,Kidshelpline, Unicef
also Vpresident of youth council @ local community
peer tutoring
assistant Ambassador in chief in school's student ambassador program
French honor society</p>

<p>and 800 on Chinese SATII...</p>

<p>Plz anyone? does canadian_idol ever come back again from Harvard?...ppl!</p>

<p>if my stats are very bad, plz let me know how i can improve. plz dun ignore! After all, I am already in gr.11, and my counsellor knows nothing about school in the!</p>

<p>Hi! I would not really be qualified to tell you your chances, but I'd say they're as good as they would be for any qualified applicant to the ivies. And being a junior, you've got time to do a bunch of stuff yet. Anyway, those universities are a real toss-up for anybody, really.</p>

<p>You seem a lot like me :) Yay for IB (not!). Yay for Chinese! I'm from Canada too, by the way.</p>

<p>Have you heard of Shad Valley? If not, apply for this summer. I went to Waterloo this last July and it was AWESOME. It looks very good on apps too.</p>

<p>anyone else?....thx Matheholic, i'm probs gonna apply to Shad this year...=)</p>

<p>I guess I am underqualified for ivies...anywaz...give me suggestions though bec lots of ppl in my school are very competitive (more than me by tons) and i dunno what to focus on more: ECS? MARKS? TESTS? thx!!!!!!!!</p>


<p>Wow matheholic, we might be on other ends of the country but you speak my language. Except I'm not asian lol.</p>

<p>odysseus - how do you mean?</p>

<p>ali_liu, your not cool by impersonating me. I have like the exact same GPA as you and i was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, AND my name is Ali too. Except i still have different classes and stuff. I could probably suppose that your desi, right?</p>

<p>your desi? ??? >.<</p>


<p>Yes, i am that means im cool</p>

<p>...ic, i was a bit confused...anyway, could u give me some helpful suggestions? (since my message had to be at least 10 words anyway...) thx=)</p>

<p>Being a Canadian won't help you in any way really. It won't hurt you either. choose your best school and apply ED. And write some killer essays!</p>

<p>EA Harvard? I know it's a slim chance...but what should i improve? thx!</p>