Chances? I need help!

<p>I am a junior in high school and wondering about which schools I could get into with my stats so far. Could somebody with experience give me a couple of schools that I could get into? I'm looking at Penn, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, etc., but I don't know if my scores are good enough.</p>

4.25 GPA
11 Honors and AP classes (so far)
AP Scores: World, 5; Euro, 5; Gov, 5
AP Scholar Award
4.0 GPA for the past 4 semesters
32 ACT (took sophomore year)</p>

3 years (so far) on xc team
2 years (so far) on track team
1 year on varsity xc, track</p>

Vice president of SEARCH club (a school sponsored club that my friend and I started)
Peer Tutoring
Over 150 volunteer hours</p>

<p>One last thing...I was only able to compete my freshman year at the varsity level due to a hip injury. Will the schools I apply to be aware that I wasn't able to sustain that level of activity for four years because of my situation?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance...</p>

<p>Dear Love,
Your stats look great, and I'm sure there are many " schools you could get
into." But rather than chasing that same handful of schools as everyone else, maybe you could spend some time this year thinking about what YOU really want, and where YOU would be most comfortable and motivated/inspired. These places may or may not be those same schools. If you can, visit some schools in your area, just to feel the differences between big and small, public and private, and other attributes that you may notice. "Looking Beyond the Ivy League" by Loren Pope points out some things you may not have considered.<br>
Best of luck to you</p>

<p>Penn, Vanderbilt, Georgetown are never safeties for anyone. For all 3 I can say they're matches.</p>

<p>That being said, plan your safety according to the expected major.</p>

<p>Thank you for the responses - I know that with these schools, there's no exact formula for the perfect application. That being said, I just want to know if I'm wasting my money on the application fee, or if I really do have a chance of getting in. Again, thanks if you've already posted, and thanks in advance for all the future posts!</p>