Chances?? I reeeallly need help...

<p>Choices: Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, Wash U St. Louis, Emory, Rice, UT Plan II, Columbia, UCLA, etc. etc. etc.?? Am I aiming too high?? Which ones are reach, match, safety (well, obviously, UT...)?? What are my chances??</p>

<p>Tests: (took sat1 again Oct 9,score N/A yet; taking Math IIc again Nov 6)
--SAT I: highest one-shot: 1490 (800V 690M)
combined: 1510
--SAT II's: Writing: 750
Biology: 710
Math IIc:yeah i'm taking it again...word of advice DO NOT take 3 sat II's on the same day...)</p>

World History (5), US History (4) (don't know how that happened...), Psychology (4), English (3) (yikes!! that was just a bad day...i'm taking it again), Biology (4)</p>

<p>Rank: 20/697
GPA : 4.7174 (top quartile;top 5%)
i didnt play the gpa game so well--i took chinese 1 (not 5.0 point class)...screwed myself out of the top 10 people...</p>

<p>Course load (now):
AP Computer Science; AP Government; IB Art; AP English Lit; Pre-IB Mandarin Chinese 3; IB/AP Latin 5; AP Calculus; Pre-AP Painting 3(supposed to be another IB art class--I've taken so many art classes they ran out of IB course numbers) </p>

--Chinese Club
--Chinese Honor Society
--National Honor Society
--Latin Club(Co-pres/historian)
--Junior Classical League (Co-pres.)
--Art Club?? (I haven't been that active; it's a stupid club--face painting isnt really art, @ least not in my opinion...)
--I volunteer at ahospital every week since middle school (tho, i did skip a few years in between...but yeah i have about 200 hours; i work with quadruplegics/paraplegics)
--Lots of community service 4 clubs...not going to list them...will take 4ever!!
--North American Bluebird Society(NABS)- volunteer graphic designer</p>

--International Society of Poets-Nomin8 Amateur Poet of the Year, silver cup
--Lots of latin student, highest score, summa cum laude, etc. etc.
--1 greek derivatives award (amazingly I got 3rd in state for a language I have never taken and only studied for on the ride over to the testing site)
--Scholastic Art and Writing Awards - Silver key for Excellence in Visual Art
--Department of Education Visual Arts Contest- Senior Division Mixed Media 2nd place
...all A honor roll...blah blah blah....
does Who's who of American High School Teens count??</p>

--Art teacher (great...I've known her since freshman year)
--Biology Teacher(Known her since freshman year, had her for 9th and 11th Bio/AP-Bio2)
--English Teacher(had her last year...she really liked me...i was really smart compared to everyone else in my class mostly. However i screwed around a little, and did not work hard at all...not that she could tell A's)
--Latin teacher (eh, this year im in the same class as her "pet" so i don't know how my rec will go)
--...for extra/legacy type recs can I get like family friends who have known me forever???? got some connections to Vanderbilt (uncle is a dean), Wash U (uncle's friend is a dean; i don't know him that well; reference maybe??), Rice (neighbor/family friend)</p>

<p>essays: working on it....</p>

<p>PLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE please help me =( Everyone else I know is so much better prepared than I am...eeee!!! I'm banking on my art and languages; good or bad??</p>

<p>Harvard - Far Reach
Yale - Far Reach
Cornell - Match
Stanford - Reach
WUStL - Reach
Emory - Match
Rice - Reach
Columbia - Reach
UT - Safety</p>

<p>hmm so maybe i have a legitimate reason to be worried, eh??</p>

<p>Harvard-big reach
Yale-slightly less of a reach, but still a big reach
WUSTL-low reach

<p>ok update...
sat score: 1510-V770 M740 (combined 1540-V800 M740)</p>

<p>list of schools:
Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Emory, WashU St Louis, Johns Hopkins, Wellesley, Vanderbilt, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, UTAustin</p>

<p>I'm working on my art portfolio now....should i up my art stuff to make me sound passionate about something??
Just started volunteering at the Humane Society...
Is it bad to have lots of volunteering and extracurricular?? I mean that might make it seem like I spend all my time doing stuff other than concentrating on my school work...</p>



<p>Just my 2 cents:</p>

Johns Hopkins...Good
Wellesley...Very Good
Vandy...Very Good

<p>Hope this is of use to you. Good luck. :)</p>

<p>Test & GPA may fall within the range for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford...but, even then, no guarantee. Even chances at WUStL are questionable...given last yr's admitts to # of applications. You will really need to express high interest for WU. Chances are better for Rice...and more so at the others. Good luck!</p>