Chances I'll get into UT of Austin?

<p>So I've always wanted to go to UT, and I'm graduating as Class of '13. I'm freaking out because my rank is low, though I still have some time to raise it... Needless to say, I'm conflicted considering my SAT scores are decent, but my rank is.. lacking.</p>

Unweighted: 3.3421
Weighted: 4.763
Rank: 150/597, so 25%</p>

<p>SAT score
This score is not official, since I'll be taking my SATs in March, but my average of all the SAT practice tests I've taken is around 2110.</p>

<p>AP Classes
AP Art, US History, English III, Environmental Science, Economics, Government, Pre-Cal, Chem II, English IV.</p>

<p>Activity-wise, I was active in many clubs, but the only position I have is the Editor of Yearbook. I have certification in AutoCAD and AutoDesk Inventor (engineering programs), and OSHA (if that even means anything). I volunteer often, I have academic excellence awards, and I'm currently interning for a congressional candidate.</p>

<p>I'm a female asian, and I'm looking to go into chemical engineering. My rank is fairly low considering my school is highly competitive.. Will my SAT score be enough for them to ignore my rank? Or will I be more likely to go with CAP?</p>