Chances into the 0+6 PharmD program?

<p>I'm going to be starting senior year in a few days, and I want to know if I have a good shot at being admitted into the 0+6 PharmD programs at these schools:</p>

<p>Albany College of Pharmacy
Duquesne University
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Northeastern University
Rutgers University
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
St. John's University
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
University of Rhode Island</p>


<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.52
Weighted GPA: 4.00
1) Reading - 480, Math - 720, Writing - 660
2) Reading - 530, Math - 710, Writing - 620</p>

Freshman - Intermediate Algebra/Geometry H, English I H
Sophomore - Algebra II/Trig H, English II H, Spanish II H, Bio H, W Hist H
Junior - Precal H, Spanish III H, English Lang AP, US Hist AP
Senior - Calculus AP, English Lit AP, Spanish AP</p>

Spanish Club 4 years (officer), Physics Club 4 years (officer), Spanish NHS 2 years, Guardian Angels 4 years (volunteer group), Academic Team 2 years, Varsity Tennis 2 years, Big Brother Program 4 years, Yearbook 2 years, Newspaper 2 years</p>

<p>Community Service:
150+ hours working for my community parish + various service projects</p>

<p>I'm planning on taking the SAT IIs (Math 2, Spanish, Chemistry) this October, and I want to retake the SAT.</p>

<p>Given these stats, do you think I have a chance at being admitted into those PharmD programs? Thanks, answers are greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>most 0-6 colleges are getting competitive every year..
try to improve you sat scores. esp the reading part.
i had similar SAT with you and i got into mcphs but waitlisted to st.johns and neu.
so i would def try to get the sat scores up!
good luck!</p>

<p>If you are throwing your hat into that ring, try the "early-assurance" schools as well. Butler and Drake guarantee a spot in the programs based on your grades in the required classes. I would look to University of Findlay and Ohio Northern as well. Findlay is the newest program, so it may be easier.</p>

<p>Have you shadowed a pharmacist? Do you have recs from pharmacists? That can make a real difference with marginal stats. The colleges will want to know why you want to be a pharmacist. If you can demonstrate your commitment, then that will help.</p>