Chances into UIUC LAS

<p>What are my chances for university of illinois urbana champaign?
In-state and applied priority admission.
30 ACT
3.9 weighted GPA
Mostly As, a few Bs. Increasing GPA each year.
7 accelerated classes, 4 AP/honors classes
Many extracurriculars including student council, gym leadership program, freshman softball, intramural sports, and community service with habitat for humanity, and other programs. I also have a summer job as a camp counselor.
Applied into psychology/LAS.
Chances? It's my number 1.</p>

<p>Match. I’d be shocked if you didn’t get in. Nice upward improvement. Sounds like a pretty nice course rigor too. Chance me? <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Oh yeah and also my school doesn’t rank. Thanks letsgobuckeyes</p>

<p>Agreed, You’ll definitely make it in. I recently got accepted into their engineering program with a 30 ACT and 3.87 UW GPA and similar stats to yours except sports (my ecs kinda suck lol :D), so I’ll be shocked if they deny you :)</p>

<p>Thanks! I got accepted this afternoon!</p>

<p>Hey congrats :slight_smile: ! I was excited when I got mine, and I’m glad you got yours too xD! Unfortunately my twin brother got denied :c</p>

<p>Thanks congrats to you too! Sorry your brother was denied. Best of luck to him for the rest of his college search!</p>