Chances (last time! take your bets now!), with some results

<p>GPA: 4.68 (4.0 unweighted)
Rank: 4/540 (because of deflated Debate & Acadec grades)
SAT: 2310 (picked and chosen)
SAT IIs: Korean: 740 (that REALLY sucked... average was 742), Chemistry: 750, Math IIC: 800, USH: 750, Math IC: 800</p>

<p>-Debate: 9, 10 (PF Captain/Treasurer), 11 (PF Captain/President), 12 (PF Captain/VP), Went to State Championships in Dual
-Model United Nations: 11, 12 (Founder and Secretary General)
-CSF: 9, 10, 11, 12 (VP)
-Writers' Club: 11, 12 (Cofounder and VP for both years)
-Christian Club: 10, 12 (Board)
-NHS: 11, 12
-Brotherhood Fraternity Club (community service): 9 - 12
-Church Praise Leader: 10, 11, 12(lead guitar)
-Cross Country for two years and Track for one
-Student intern at the Superior Courthouse 12</p>

<p>-Volunteered at a local hospital 9, 10, 11,
-the courthouse 11,
-church (Lead the praise band on guitar) 9, 10, 11, 12.</p>

<p>Here is my senior year schedule:
0 Debate 1 Gov/Econ AP 2 Calculus B/C AP 3 Music THeory AP 4 Environmental AP 5 English AP 6 Cross Country (dropped now) 7 Academic Decathlon (dropped now) 8 World History AP (independent)</p>

<p>-National Merit Finalist
-County of Los Angeles Volunteer of the Year Award (11)
-International Korean Oratory Contest Winner in Korea (9)
-National Forensics League with Distinction Degree
-State Qualifier for debate in Dual Interpretation of Spaceballs (11)
-Dosan Anchangho Korean Writing Contest winner (9)
-Undefeated Public Forum Debater Trophy (11)
-Academic Letter (11)
-SHS Scholarship Fund winner (11)
-multiple trophies in other debate forms
-passed Level Advanced of Certificate of Merit for piano twice (10, 11)
-finished Level of Proficiency in Korean 4/5
-Student of Month x 2
-various Academic Achievements in all core subjects
-AP Scholar with Distinction
-Had the highest score at Scrimmage (12). Bronze Medals in Essay, Art, Interview, and Mathematics. Silver Medals for Speech, Music, and Superquiz. Gold Medal for Overall Highest Scorer for my school</p>

<p>AP scores:
Chemistry: 4
Physics: 3
USH: 5
Psychology: 5
Calculus A/B: 5</p>

<p>Will take the following AP tests:
Calculus BC, Music Theory, Government, Macroeconomics, World History, English Literature, Environmental Science</p>

<p>Now chances for these other schools?

<p>So far, deferred Early Action from Stanford and accepted to UC Berkeley (through Regents) and UC Davis (through ELC). I think I got into UCSD, but not too sure...</p>

<p>wow, nothing? bump bump bump</p>

<p>What do you want people to tell you? Your application can't get any better, and your chances are just like everybody else's in those very competitive pools, so take a few weeks off and quit worrying. Plus, you made Berk :)</p>

<p>I guess you have a point, but I'm still so worried...</p>

<p>You should be admitted to Amherst, Cornell & Penn. Competitive for Duke, Dartmouth & Stanford. Brown is a crapshoot. Unlikely at Harvard. Possible at Princeton. The difficulty in assessing your chances is that all of your schools are most selective and your posted profile is boring. There is no you there. All of these schools will find your numbers impressive, but who are you? What, if anything, makes you special? Why would someone want to invite you to dinner (and the answer is not to hear about your grades or your SAT scores)?</p>

-UC Berk</p>

-None yet...</p>

<p>Honestly, your chances at these kinds of schools don't get much better than what you've got.</p>

<p>It's all going to depend, as icy said, on the stuff that we can't see, like the essays. Even if we had those, there's no way in heck we could tell you what the adcoms are thinking.</p>

<p>Relax. Be happy about the schools you've gotten into. :) Try not to hyperventilate.</p>

<p><em>puts down his paper bag</em></p>

<p>Who's hyperventilating?</p>