Chances/Lehigh questions

<p>I am a rising senior from CT
I am white.</p>

<p>UW GPA - 3.9
W GPA - Well over 4</p>

<p>Anywhere from 3-5 out of 110 but possibly even #2 at a local private catholic school
so 3-5/110 </p>

<p>SAT CR - 680
SAT M - 690
Overall - 1370</p>

<p>AP English Literature
AP US History
AP Biology possibly, otherwise a dual enrollment class with UCONN in environmental science
AP US Government
AP Calculus - UCONN dual enrollment
AP Spanish 4
AP Humanities </p>

<p>EVERY course I have taken from freshman year has been honors. I have taken the HARDEST possible classes my school offers. I literally took everything I could.</p>

<p>Assuming my essay is at least above average and adds to my application,
and my ECs are decent what are my chances? Any way I could get money?</p>

<p>Short list of my ECs are:
Founding member or school news/media club
Played numerous sports such as baseball, indoor track, bowling, and soccer
I have a great amount of service hours.
Leadership forum on medicine
National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society</p>

<p>I have not taken any subject tests, is this necessary?
What is the pre-med track like? Is it good?
I will be applying regular decision
I also will visit the campus</p>


<p>I am a rising senior also, so I have read many of these chances forums but alas I am probably not of the most authority since I have yet to apply, too.</p>

<p>However, your SAT scores fall right about at the 70% mark (which is good) and your GPA is fantastic, there’s not much better than a 3.9!</p>

<p>Obviously your courseload is challenging enough (assuming at your school it isn’t average to take that many AP’s) and your EC’s are impressive (assuming you can convey the leadership roles you took on). </p>

<p>About SAT ii’s, from what I understand they are used more for placement than for admissions. So, if you are getting the scores you want on AP tests, there isn’t too much need for the SAT ii’s. Having said that, it cannot hurt you as you dont need to report the scores. </p>

<p>I am also doing a quasi-premed track (bioengineering, but it covers all premed requirements and I do plan on attending getting my M.D.). From what I know, Lehigh does a great job at preparing its students for med school. Another poster on this forum always talks up the premed kids and how focused they are, so you have little to worry about there. </p>

<p>Lastly, in terms of you qualifying for money (assuming you mean non-need based), Lehigh offers half and full tuition scholarships to the “best” of it’s accepted students. They also offer $10,000 / year Dean’s scholars awards with the same requirement, just less competitive. Here’s a list of the more Popular scholarships they offer: [Lehigh</a> University: Undergraduate Admissions: Tuition & Financial Aid: Types of Aid](<a href=“]Lehigh”></p>

<p>Hope this helps,

  • Mike</p>

<p>thank you Lehigh2017! Who knows we could be enrolled in the same class!</p>

<p>Also if it means anything I have won some academic awards. One that comes to mind is a science and math award given to one student in my school</p>

<p>Spmanbearbig -</p>

<p>No problem! So many people helped me on this forum that it’s fun to pay it forward. Hopefully we will be in the same classes! And congratulations on the awards, I’m sure they will help with both admissions and scholarships (although I just read LehighChemE say only 7% of students do get the merit based aid). </p>

<p>Best regards,

  • Mike</p>