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<p>Alright guys so im going into senior year and obiously considering college. I have a 3.57(we don't weight at our school) but with mostly honors. My GPA was bad freshmen year but i got a 3.96(not weighted) GPA junior year with all but one honors/AP classes. My SAT score is 2160(800math, 680 in writing and reading) and will take again to try to reach 2200. My sat IIs scores are (790 Chinese with listening, 780 Math II, 680 US history, 690 Biology with ecology) and i got a 5 on Ap economics. I also ran two years of XC, indoor track and 1 year of outdoor track. I've volunteered for two years in a research lab. I am also in the school's band and some other small clubs.</p>

<p>So i was wondering what my chances are for
University of Illinois-Urbana champaign
Carnegie Mellon

<p>Thank you for your time! :)</p>

<p>I think Cornell, UPenn and vanderbilt might be reaches only b/c your GPA and SATs are kind of weak as of this point. However, you could probably get into the other 3.</p>

<p>University of Illinois-Urbana champaign FIT
Cornell REACH
Upenn rejection
NYU high fit
Carnegie Mellon high fit
Vanderbilt fit
chance back</p>

<p>thank you!</p>

<p>Your upward trend in grades is good, but your GPA is a bit low which may hinder you. However if your rank is high colleges may overlook this. Your SAT is a bit low, but with a 2200+ your chances for Cornell, UPenn, and CMU will increase. You might want to consider taking the ACT since math seems to be one of your stronger suits. Lastly, try to show more leadership in EC's, because as of now they're kind of weak. With great essays and recs though your chances will improve a lot, but for now my take is:
University of Illinois-Urbana champaign-match/safety
NYU-match (especially if your applying CAS, Stern would be a slight reach)
Carnegie Mellon-slight reach (this one's tough to predict, you really have to show your passion for math/science or whatever your going into)
Vanderbilt-slight reach/match
Good luck :)</p>

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<p>Most likely rejections from everywhere except NYU, CMU, and U of Illinois Urbana champaign.</p>

<p>Alright this is some good feedback thank you.</p>

<p>Keep in mind college admission is an unpredictable game. Anything is possible. Good luck.</p>

<p>I agree. College admissions are so unpredictable. I could see you getting into UI, Carnegie Mellon, and maybe NYU. However, Cornell and Vanderbilt are definitely reaches. Try your best in raising your GPA, if possible, to a 3.7. I understand it may be too late for that, but a 3.5 is most likely too low for Cornell and Vandy. Before applying, also try to get some club leadership positions. </p>

<p>Apply to another safety or two.
Chance back:
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<p>cornell- reach 15-20% chance
UPenn- reach 15-20% chance
NYU- match 70-90% chance
Carnegie Mellon- match 50-60% chance
Vandy- reach- 20-25% chance</p>

<p>chance back! Good shot? or No?</p>

<p>oops forgot illinois! match 70-90% chance</p>

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<p>Another typical Asian. In fact, not even typical. Your performance is subpar compared to typical Asians. I see all the Asians doing it by the way, and it is completely stupid: don't take an SAT II of a language that you natively know. That's a blow to your application when seen by admissions officers, although it is eclipsed by the initial blow of your race. As for your chances, I say community college would be a possible admit.</p>

<p>^Please ban the aforementioned user SheenR.
This user is a freshman belittling everyone, giving out completely absurd chances.</p>

<p>Another typical Asian. In fact, not even typical.?
What is your attitude here? This is an online forum.
Be courteous and stop giving out idiotic responses.</p>

<p>I appreciate the feedback guys! Keep them going! And don't hesitate to post me your info so i can chance you!</p>