chances? nervous

<p>So I put my app in to U of M, and I'm really nervous about it. It's my favorite school by far.</p>

<p>Act: 33
Gpa: 3.5 (2 ap's bio and english, more honors)</p>

<p>a few EC's and community service things, I play soccer for a really competitive club team so that takes up alot of my time. I also lived in Germany for 5 years and I'm fluent in German, so i stressed that in my app, like how I am a member of the international community, etc.</p>

<p>My essays were really good, im a good writer. If anyone could look at them to get a better idea of my app i'd appreciate it.</p>

<p>Here are some other schools I really like:</p>

Carnegie Mellon
Boston College
Washington and Lee</p>

<p>Basically I'd like some opinions on how you guys think I'll do with these schools, especially UofM, and I guess suggestions for other schools I could apply to that are really good? Thanks everyone in advance and I really appreciate it</p>

I go to a school in Detroit called U of D Jesuit that has a really good relationship with UofM (we have something like a 75% acceptance rate there). My school is known for being one of the best in the state, if that helps at all. Also, my school only offers something like 10 ap's (some are AP art and stuff like that) and very few kids take these classes. So even though I only take 2 Ap's, I actually take a really rigorous class load compared to most kids.</p>

<p>You're above average in everything, which you already know, so there's not much we can tell you. From your post you sound confident, not nervous.</p>

<p>Of course you're going to get in. Unless you have a bad record or something...</p>

<p>60/40 only because you are in state. Your GPA is low compared to average acceptances. GPA is the #1 consideration. Also, regardless of your comment on APs, that is a low number. I hope you are taking more this senior year. Now, if you have a choice, UoM is likely your best choice among those you listed because you would be paying in state tuition (great value). You list far different types of schools. Carleton for example (a fantastic LAC) is going to be a far, far different type atmosphere than UoM; in terms of student size, EC's, town you live in, etc.</p>