Chances (next year)

<p>Hello. I know I’m being a ‘tard for being concerned about applying when I’m only a Junior, but I want to know where I can improve to increase my chances for getting accepted to Harvard</p>

Weighed: 5.25/5.83 (rank: 3/320)
Unweighed: 4.17/4.67 (rank: 17/320)</p>

<p>SAT I
690 CR
750 M
730 W (12 essay)</p>

Korean 770 (I speak Korean @ home, but I’m US citizen)
(Planning on taking Math IIC & Physics [& Chem])</p>

Euro – 4
(currently taking chem, studio art, calculus BC, am history)
(going to take music theory, physics, statistics, econ, psychology –self study)</p>

<p>Extra Curricular
Eagle Scout
Boy’s Volleyball (9,10 both JV)
Boy’s Tennis (9 JV,10,11 V)
Church Praise Band (9,10,11)
Volunteer @ Hospital – 4hr/week (10,11)
Policy Debate (10 Novice – 5th in state, 11 Varsity – state qualifier)
Table Tennis Club (9,10, - president, 11 - president)
DDR Club (11 – founder/vice president)
Science Club (11)
Math Team (9 – JV regional 3rd, 10 – V regional 1st)
Qualified Red Cross Lifeguard</p>

<p>Intel International Science Fair
(9 – engineering, state category winner/international finalist,
10 – psychology, 2nd category state, international finalist, 3rd category international)
(I got bunch of awards from corporations and government through this event)</p>

<p>(Planning on entering Science Symposium)
(Planning on applying for MIT: RSI)</p>

<p>Thanks ya’ll.</p>

<p>hey can we pm about your psychology research. it's just an option i might want to explore. thx!</p>

<p>I'm not trying to be a smartass here, but how is an unweighted GPA above 4? How is weighted even above 5?</p>

<p>I'm a junior too, but I'm more interested in UC Berkeley than Harvard. I'm concerned about chances too, though. Best of luck to you. Your stats sound great.</p>