Chances-NO Auto-Admit

<p>During my freshman and sophomore years, I made utterly horrendous grades. At the end of my sophomore year I had a 2.8 gpa and was placed in the 60th percentile. I had an epiphany of sorts in the interim before my junior year; I realized that my love of learning should be extended to success in school. Also, busy work in school can be seen as completing a commission, where the payment is a college admission. The next year I took every AP class I possibly could, and made As to A+s in every one. For the isolated year, I attained a 4.6 GPA, and my cumulative became a 3.4. I was ranked just outside of the top 25 percent when I applied to UT; I am now in the top 18 percent with a 3.8 gpa and have sent a mid-year report. It is entirely possible I will be in the top 10 percent by graduation, but likely not top 9.</p>

<p>I applied as a Physics major to the CNS; I plan to go to graduate school in physics or chemistry.</p>

<p>AP Tests
AP Lang. - 4
AP US Hist - 5</p>


<p>Sat 2
Physics: 800
Math II: 800
Chemistry: 730</p>

<p>The teachers whom I had write recommendations are people who have seen the great change I had in my approach to school. I made/make perfect grades in their classes and they can vouch for my integrity and genuine love of learning. My essays were fairly well written and analytic to me and my literature teacher; she loved my use of light psychoanalysis to describe the impact my mother had on me.</p>

<p>I worked at a small software company, and was highly diligent there. A recommendation was sent by my employer outlining my programming experience and work ethic.</p>

<p>I play rugby and am an officer. I am also a policy debater and would be willing to debate in college.</p>

<p>Ultimately, the reason I am so desperate to know my "chances" is because the only way I can go to a good school for preparation for graduate school in physics is by going to UT. My family does not have a lot of money; we are well under the poverty level. I live in Austin and could possibly live at home while attending UT. I have heard of an appeal process for admission to UT, and was wondering if I had a strong case for that in the instance I am rejected by UT. Opinions?</p>

<p>You have an excellent chance. Your story is a familiar one in that most kids entering high school feel like college is such a long time away and really don't start applying themselves until Junior year, unless they have older brothers or sisters that they witnessed going through the process. Good luck I hope you hear soon.</p>