Chances? No current extra curriculars/community service.

<p>Hi, I'm a sophomore right now. I'm currently being home schooled in Malaysia by an American home schooling academy. I'm not doing any extra curricular activities/community serivce right now because I only speak a little bit of Malay, and it's difficult to find community service opportunities in the area where I live. I'll be attending a DoDDs (Department of Defense) school for 11th and 12th grade, and I plan to take up extra curriculars then. </p>

<p>Will my current schooling status hurt my chances of getting into: Dartmouth, JHU, and Rice?</p>

<p>Also: How do the Ivies view army brats?</p>

<p>Need more information on your part and also as a Sophomore it is impossible to give an accurate "Guess" as to where to will get in to.</p>

<p>Wait until the end of 11th to get a better idea and also due to your unique circumstance I'm not sure if anyone on this site can give you "real" guesses as to your chances.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks for your help!</p>