Chances @ Northwestern, Duke, Wharton, Brown, Cornell

<p>Okay, fine I'm kidding not a serious or interesting situation, just you average CC chance.</p>

<p>Chance me for : Northwestern, Duke, UPenn (Wharton), NYU (Stern), UC Berkeley, Brown, Cornell, UF, Emory.</p>

<p>Gender : F
State : FL
School : Public, Not very competitive, rarely sends grads to ivy
Grade : 11 (The leadership positions are almost definite)</p>

<p>I plan on majoring somewhere in the finance field, want to go into mergers and acquisitions.</p>

UW GPA : 3.97 W GPA 5.2 (Florida Scale)
SAT : 2150
SAT II : World History 720 Biology 690 (Plan to take one of the maths)
ACT composite : 34
Class Rank : 4 / 667
AP's: World (4), Psych (5), Bio (4) TAKING THIS YEAR : Stat, Chem, Phys B, Calc AB, Enviro, Micro/Macro.</p>

Debate Club
~Grades 9-10, 11 (Treasurer), 12 (President)
~Co-Established my school's NFL Charter
~Went to States last 3 years
~Competed in several national tournaments like Emory, Harvard, Yale
~Won Novice States (1st Place) freshman year</p>

<p>Mu Alpha Theta
~Grades 9 10(Tutoring Director, 11(Vice President) 12 (President)
~Attended state competition every year
~Have won several region level awards
~Attend 3 competitions per year
~Practice once per week for my subject</p>

<p>Academy of Finance
~Grades 10-12 (There are no leadership positions to be held)
~Took financial classes all 3 years, that go along with the program
~This summer, will be receiving an internship sponsored by the Academy to a finance related business.</p>

~Jewish youth Group 9, 10, 11(Communications President), 12
~Did many community service projects
~Went to 2 national leadership conventions</p>

~Grades 10-12
~Participated in State Competition all 3 years.
~Qualified for Nationals this year.</p>

<p>Class of 2009
~Grades 10-12
~President Sophomore, Junior and hopefully senior year.
~Helping set up our prom for next year.
~Several fundraisers for the school.</p>

<p>BPA (Business Professionals of America)
~Grades 10-12
~Attending business related competitions
~Learned fundamentals of business</p>

Varsity Soccer 10, 11, 12 (most likely captain next year)
Varsity Tennis 10, 11, 12</p>

~Job at Publix Supermarket in 9th grade
~Paid internship at a financial company this summer through Academy of Finance
~Reffed Rec Soccer</p>

<p>Community Service
~Total of about 300+ Hours
~Worked in an office during soph year twice per week filing papers etc.
~Random work for the city of ******
~Went to a Youth Mentoring Program (1 week) and did 5 service projects.</p>

~Summer of 9th grade - Attended 7 week sleepaway sportrs camp and Intro to Financial Markets Mini Course at Brown
~Summer of 10th grade - Took Pre Calc at a local CC
~Summer of 11th (Planned) - Internship at financial corporation
~From 4th-9th grade, attended a sports sleepaway camp.</p>

~NM Semi Finalist
~Several Regional and State Level Debate Awards
~Several Regional level MAO Awards
~DECA and BPA competitions Awards
~Principal's Honor Roll every quarter
~Awarded 1000 dollar scholarship to any FL college through DECA
~Most likely Silver Knight Nominee for Business
~Silver Chord at Graduation (250+Service Hours)
~National Honor Society
~Awarded "Super Distinction" for Debate NFL points</p>