Chances: Northwestern U (IL)

<p>Hello guys </p>

<p>Northwestern University is currently my dream school... however my oct SAT come back unexpectedly low (I have no idea... I did my preparations!) and I am having doubts on my chances..</p>

<p>Heres my rough profile:
Rank: top 10%
GPA: roughly 3.4-3.5 (I study in an IB school)
SAT: 580V, 690M (horrified when i got it... especially being an asian who worked hard and paid for courses to prepare for it)
SATIIs: none yet (not required by NU for my desire courses of study, but I am going to take it in nov)
prediction of SAT II: math 750 writing 650 biology 600</p>

<p>IB courses taken (on scale of 7):
Chinese 6
English 6
Math 7
Bio 7
economics 7
social science 6</p>

<p>ECs: CEC (youth program for conflict mediation)
UNICEF member
Special Olympics member
Wilderness expedition leader
ultimate frisbee school team</p>

<p>I play the cello (in school orchestrals) and have been in the swimming team (with one inter school prize) in highschool before i went to the ib school i am in right now. </p>

<p>Thankyou so much if you can help me out...!</p>

<p>Northwestern is also my dream school. However, I do not attend an IB school but my October SAT was a a 720 Verbal and a 650 Math. I'm not sure wether I should retake the test in November, but I suggest you do so. Your other information looks good!</p>

<p>i think since u say that ur desired study at NU does not require sAT2s y not retake the SAT1s that month if they let u switch. Ur ecs are solid but nothing outstanding have u won many awards for the cello, perhaps even center ur essay on it. r u thinkning about appltying ed at nW. u should if its ur dream school and its a clear cut fav. It will be a big boost. Gl ill prob be applying there also. If possible plz respond to my post ami ordinary ty.</p>

<p>Northwestern is a difficult school to get in no doubt.
Your EC's are great, but there is no indication on leadership or diversity, if possible add those in.
SAT score definately needs to be retaken, it is a bit too low to be in the competative range.
The fact that you took IB would definately be a boost, but assuming you come from the midwest, you may be out beat by alot of CL (College Level) students that have about 60 college credits under their belt, but that definately depends upon each years applicant pool.</p>