Chances (not again!!!) lol

<p>What do u think the chances are for a mediocre instate student? </p>

<p>Rank: 39/508
Current GPA: 4.6
Cummulative GPA: 3.50</p>

<p>Current classes (i'm a junior)
Honors english
Advanced Art
AP Spanish
AP Biology
Honors Algebra 3
Psychology ( Junior college)</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars: ... leadership, committee involvement in school board type stuff and the city counsel etc</p>

<p>Other info: i had HORRIBLE freshman year with lots of C's and one D. </p>

<p>Evaluate me!!!! lol</p>

<p>My information is dated (HS grad 1991), but I had horrible freshman grades too like you except I didn't get a "D". I had a "C-" so that's pretty close. :) My GPA at junior year was like yours. Lots of my classmates with much higher GPAs (I was ranked 60 out of 400 or something like that) got rejected to Cal. I got accepted because I had something they didn't have. I had high SAT scores from doing test prep all summer after my sophomore year. I'm not the smartest tool in the shed but I knew I could change my SAT scores a lot more than my GPA so I concentrated on SAT even at the expense of XC. I hope this gives you some hope.</p>

<p>what are your scores?</p>

<p>make shure you get good sats</p>

<p>I think you're good, if you can get good scores, if you do, you've got a great chance</p>

<p>I havent takent he SAT's yet. I took the PSAT today actually and i think i did quite well, i'll get those results in december. In th meantime, what should i do to increase my chances of getting a high SAT score? would u guys reccomend classes or just prep books?</p>

<p>the UCs don't look at freshmen grades and recalculate your GPA to show that</p>

<p>My SAT-I were V630 M720 but the scoring scale got changed in the mid 90s so the equivalent today would be around 50 points higher. I think my SAT-II were in the high 600s to mid 700s. This is all dated material so you may need to score even higher nowadays.</p>

<p>What do u think is more important, ones cumulative GPA or ones class rank?</p>