chances of a theater hopeful getting into ucla or ucsd?

<p>Im a currently a junior in highschool.I really like theater, in fact i've decided to make it my career and an actor cannot flourish (mostly) without good instruction correct?So i've decided on ucsd, ucsb and ucla because my parents don't want me to leave the state as much as I would love to go to nyu. :| But eh, what can you do?Anyway, I was wondering what my chances were to get into these schools. UCLA specifically:</p>

Ethnicity:Asian, korean specifically
Public High school, in state
Misc: Err I'm bisexual?Does that do anything? :\
Future Major: Theater Arts</p>

<p>SAT General Score:1880
SAT II Score: Currently unavailable.
Average GPA: Around 3.35 i think?
Courses: Pretty much above average classes but not ap level im afraid</p>

GSA member/secretary for 3 years (most likely to be four)
Concert Choir singer
I was in Kosher club for a little bit.Yeah...don't ask
Theater Student for (soon to be) 2 years
I make films on my free time and i also make art
Cross country for a semester</p>

100 hours at a hospital
50 at RoTC
12 at this trash pickup thingie</p>

<pre><code> I know this is all awfully disorganized but please bare with me.So what, to you all are my chances of getting into those three UC schools?I know that the decision will msotly be based on my audition but should i retake my SAT like my mom wants me to?Cause I'm pretty sure my SAT is well off especially since i'm going in as a theater student.Oh, and please reccomend any other good undergrad theater programs that you think would be good for me in California.

Thanks in advance guys!

                                                              -From a hopeful


<p>Hi there:</p>

<p>I stumbled on this post and noticed that you had not received a reply. I suggest that you look up the profiles of these three schools to see what their students' typical G.P.A./SAT scores are. I do know that the UC system is supposed to be fairly numbers driven, so that might give you a good idea. It is difficult to gain admission to UCLA in particular.</p>

<p>Also, you may wish to retake the SAT to see if you can raise that score a bit. As for your grades: perhaps you should do your best possible work/effort in your first semester senior classes so that you can show that "upward trend" that I've heard is helpful.</p>

<p>Finally, I don't know anything about the theater programs at these schools--except that UCLA's is a B.A. that is terribly competitive. So I definitely would make sure to have back-up schools. But you can minor in theater there, I believe.</p>

<p>As for other schools: I've heard people mention Chapman's theater program, but I don't know whether it's a B.A or B.F.A. You will need to decide which you wish to pursue--they are very different. Also, USC has both B.A. and B.F.A. programs.</p>

<p>Good luck, and I hope this response helped at least a little.</p>