Chances of acceptance / odds against me???

<p>Hi ok so I am applying ED to grinnell but have a tricky situation and was hoping I could get some feedback!!! </p>

<p>My numbers are very low. I have a 650 for reading and a 510 for math and a 3.2 gpa but have extracurricular activities very congruent with the school. I am the president of my schools community service club, with over 300 hours of service. I have participated in sponsored trips to both Malawi and Haiti. And I founded a student action and global education club at my school. I have done a lot of things promoting local farming and sustainable agriculture as well. </p>

<p>I know I dont have that a good chance but I was wondering if anyone thought I had any chance????</p>


<p>It's hard to say without knowing more about you. Your math score in particular is well below Grinnell's mid-50% range (610 to 730). On the other hand, although Grinnell has many, many high-stat students, I think Grinnell has been more willing than many schools of its caliber to take a chance on some relatively low-stat kids who otherwise demonstrate great potential to succeed and to contribute to the life of the school. For instance, according to the last CDS, about 21% scored below 600 on the SAT math (even while 25% scored over 730). To me, that says Grinnell is looking at much more than test scores. Of course, the other parts of your application will have to show what you can contribute, so you really need to put your best foot forward. It would also probably help if you have a special talent (musical, artistic, athletic) and/or could contribute to the diversity (ethnic, economic, geographical) of the student body. Good luck!</p>

<p>Disclaimer: just my impressions; no particular inside knowledge here.</p>

<p>WOah thank you for your response! Fortunately I am applying with a fine arts supplement! But I am also just a white middle class girl. </p>


<p>I dont believe it would be responsible of an admissions officer to accept someone with around a B average to a school like grinnell, which is a highly selective and very academically rigorous. Its not just about your fit for the culture unfortunately. If you are getting straight B's in high school (ish), how should they know that you wont get straight C's at Grinnell.</p>

<p>Just my 2 cents. Its worth applying of course, especially cuz its free online. You never know.</p>

<p>Grinnell says that in the ED round it looks for "fit" while in the RD round, the students are judged more on a competitive basis with each other, so perhaps you have a shot. Perhaps your fine arts supplement will indicate a special contribution you can make to campus. Where are you from? Perhaps it's a state where Grinnell is seeking representation from. These LACs are looking to fill a campus with diverse students representing diverse interests and with clearly demonstrated passions... so you never know!</p>

<p>The 3.2 GPA in and of itself is not the issue, at least IMO. What is your course rigor and where does your GPA places you in the context of your high school class? If you're in the top 10-15%, that's fine; if you're lower -- and certainly lower than the top 25%, than that would be another tough mark against you. </p>

<p>At this point, I wouldn't worry what any of us say here about your chances. If Grinnell is your first choice school, then go for it and let the chips fall as they may. But, don't stop working on your other applications!</p>