Chances Of Acceptance?

<p>These are my stats weighted 3.4 GPA,Acaddemic 2.9,and I got a 1010 on my SAT
The reason my GPA is so low is because I did really bad my freshmen and sophmore year,so my grade trend is really good. My senior year starts august 23 and the deadline is Jan 21 when should I apply? Should I wait until I get the grades from the 1st semester of my senior year so it would boost my gpa up? I've taken 8 honors classes and have signed up for 5 AP classes next year. I've been in 3 clubs and had a job at subway for 2 years.Im definley planning to take the SAT again along with the ACT, what are my chances? and can you recommend any other universities that I might have a chance in,im planning to pursue Pharmacy.</p>

<p>Apply as early as possible. Apply for summer session.</p>

<p>They count all 3 portions of the SAT and require a 500 minimum on all three to be considered. What were your score breakdowns? What is your FSU GPA? <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;