Chances of Admission and Merit Scholarship???

Hello everyone,

I’m a current junior for whom money matters. However, I would still like to go to a liberal arts school with a strong poli sci program. Here are some stats.

ACT: 32
WGPA: 4.6
UWGPA: 4.0

Psych: 5
Euro: 5
Taking Lang, Human Geo, and Stats next week.

Eagle Scout
Internship with Mayor of San Diego
Boys State
1 year varsity track
2 years varsity water polo and swim (went to CIF for both)
Academic League Captain and MVP (set school records)
Theatre (Rooster in Annie, Frederick in Young Frankenstein, Danny in Grease)

I’d say you will get in, and would be a good candidate for merit money. Dickinson cares a lot about interest, so do what you can there. Sign up on their website for mailings, visit if you can, if not see if there is a regional event you can attend. Try to interview if you think you are gods at it. Apply in the EA round.

However, last I knew, their biggest merit award was $20,000. So you need to figure out if it is affordable of you get that award.

I agree totally with @intparent. I’ll be starting in the fall and my stats are actually a little lower than yours (30 ACT and 3.9 gpa, but lots of ap’s and extra curriculars). Make sure you show your interest, I did alot in regards to this, and I really believe that the interview helped tremendously because they want to make sure you’re a good fit for the school. Anyways…I’m not sure which merit scholarship I actually got because it was not split up on my award, but the school was extremely generous to give me about $7,000 more when my family asked after seeing the inital award, so my total package is around 47,000. Good luck with your process!

Your package is likely all need based, @ilanag3. Their biggest merit award is $20K, but they aren’t going to stack any merit on top of need based aid. You got $47,000 because your family needed aid. But in any case, congratulations, and enjoy your time at Dickinson!