Chances of admission for Duquesne's biomedical engineer/nursing dual degree program

African American
-3.4 weighted GPA (my school only submits and displays weighted. I unweighed it myself using an online app and it came out to be a 3.13…)
-7 honors and 5 APS throughout HS (AP Psychology, AP Lang & Comp, AP Statistics, AP Lit, AP Bio). Awaiting the psychology and Lang AP exam results (July 6th!!)
-PSAT was a 1730, SAT the first time was a 1600 (retaking in October)
-state finalist for a pageant and 4th runner up in spokes model category
-played at Carnegie hall as 4th viola out of 13-15 violas with my school orchestra
-I’m a school mentor which involves lots of volunteering, lots of attendance at events, such as charity walks. I also help freshman and below

  • board member of drama club 2 years in a row (points coordinator and secretary)
    -head stage manager for musicals and plays
    -volunteered at an elementary school as a tutor (separate from mentoring)
    -health careers club
    -thespian honor society
  • held a job as a learning assistant at Kumon learning center for the past year.

By the way, I live in New Jersey, 4-6 hours from Pittsburgh.

I’m getting scoliosis surgery in 2 weeks, but after i recover, I WILL volunteer some more. Most likely a nursing home or a hospital if i can.

My biggest concern: I don’t feel competitive, and although calculus wasn’t required nor recommended, it was under the category of “helpful”, I still feel weird for not taking pre calc. I dropped pre calc to take AP Statistics. Very good grades in Algebra and Geometry though.

This is the only BME/BSN program in the country

It’s sad that you list your first credential “african american” I guess you figure you have a better chance if you’re black

@beaner89, what kind of comment is that?

I think you will have a good shot at acceptance.

Just what I said, most kids start with listing their accomplishments. Also, do you read anyone listing they are “white” as first?

Get over it. People list race, financial bracket, state of origin…all things that are relevant (if less so than other factors) to the admissions process.