Chances of admission into ucs?

<p>I'm going to apply soon to all the UCs this November and would like to hear peoples' estimates of my likelihood of getting into UC Berkely, LA, SD, and Davis. (%s + feedback are welcome!) My main targets are Berkely and LA.
below are my achievements:</p>

4.33 gpa both sophomore and junior year.
6 APs senior year (lol im a bit scared)
2190 SAT 1
790 Mathematics lvl 2, 800 Biology (subject tests)
class rank 20 out of 500something
I have ELC status
4 ap tests taken: bio, us history, calculus bc, chem. scores: all 5s.
oh i'll probably be a national merit finalist, will this help in admissions?</p>

<p>extra curriculars (my weakness i think)
will get a work permit and teach piano lessons at a place nearby for work experience in senior yr (minimum wage though since employer is cheap)
played badminton [non varsity, and our school doesn't have a jv :( ] freshman, sophomore years.
volunteered 110 hours at a local hospital
volunteered 75 hours as a tutor in a library
played piano freshman, sophomore, and will resume senior year (up till "level 7" CM certificate)
spanish club member (but honestly, i did nothing in it)</p>

<p>with this info, could anyone give me their rough figure of my chances into any of thouse 5 ucs?
thanks for your time.</p>