Chances of Admission to NYU

<p>I recently graduated high school with a pathetic 2.9 gpa. I screwed up the first two years ( I got on academic probation) and despite working my ass off and becoming an honor student throughout my junior and senior year in high school, my gpa was very low. Ever since I was alittle girl I dreamed of going to NYU one day or Syracuse University to study journalism. Im going to community college for the next two years. I know I can get a 4.0 if I want. Do you think if I work my butt off for the next two years and follow my dream, and will have a chance at NYU'S College of Arts and Sciences? Or should I give up on my dream and just go to san francisco state university like my parents want me to?Thoughts, inspiration, advice, anything would mean to world to me at this point=]</p>

<p>I definitely think you should go to CC then transfer to NYU. SFSU has no prestige, and plus, paying that out-of-state tuition for a state school just isn't worth it. Stick to your dream, and go to NYU or Syracuse.</p>

<p>I honors at your CC and get a 4.0 (or close) and get some ECs...and don't expect much, if any, financial aid...definitely NYU.</p>