Chances of Admission

Hello to everyone out there.I am currently in grade 10 and I have started to plan about my under graduation.I got 2280 in my SAT and 118 in my TOEFL iBT.My GPA comes out to be 4.0(unweighted) and I have constantly topped my class.I have 2 years experience in French.I am an IndianI won a national level quiz competition and have been awarded best musician award from my school.I wanted to ask do I have any chances of getting into top tier colleges in U.S. like Harvard,UC or MIT.I want to do Applied Physics.Thank You in advance…

Are you full-pay or are you looking for financial aid? A lot or a little?

I don’t actually need financial aid.But if i get it then nothing like it!

Rajvir, your resume is very, very impressive! I am also Indian and have managed to top my class for 3 years while winning numerous awards, and doing very well on standardized tests (35 ACT), so I feel very equatable to you in that fashion!
Unfortunately, when I talked to my admissions councilors, they told me that schools have come under a lot of pressure to start admitting a higher non-Asian minority population to top tier schools. When I told them of my ethnic background, some councilors told me not even to bother with a visit! They told me I would be lucky to be wait listed, even with my outstanding GPA and Test scores. If I were you, I would start looking at more realistic schools, like high ranking state schools as oppose to private schools. I visited UT Austin, and found the school to be very welcoming and in great academic standings! I hope this helps, because being told by admissions councilors that you have little to no chance into your dream school is heartbreaking.
Good luck!

Until you have final marks for 10th grade (or, better yet, 11th) and a more definitive list of extracurricular activities, chancing you properly is impossible. With your GPA and SAT, you’re a “qualified” applicant, but the schools you’re looking at reject 30,000 qualified students and admit 2,000 each year. Can’t really see much that would make you stand out from the pack, and your final extracurricular profile will be the chief factor in determining whether that changes. Come back in a year’s time.