Chances of being accepted to Kenyon College?

Hello there,

I am a prospective international student from the UK who is definitely going to apply to Kenyon, probably ED1.

I’m here to ask you guys if you think I’ve got a chance of getting into Kenyon basically, so I’ll summarise below what I’ve got.

I got all A’s and A*'s at GCSE (so all 7,8,9) and I took English, maths, bio, chem, physics, history, latin, music and PE.

I’m in year 12, so this year I’ve taken Bio, chem, PE and psychology. I’m predicted pretty much all A’s except chem which is a D (oof) and isn’t great so I’ll probably drop it at the end of the year. I’m also considering doing an EPQ which is basically an extended writing project

I’ve taken one ACT, and got a 27 - so I will DEFINITELY be retaking (the maths section brought down my whole score)

I do track and field and I would like to be a student-athlete, I’ve already contacted their coach and also spoken to their International counsellor.

I currently volunteer and am about to start D of E gold, and am active in my school with various things like sports leadership etc I’ve helped backstage at my school play every year and if it goes ahead this year I am going to be stage manager (I’ve been assistant the past couple of years)

Just wondering what you guys think, thanksyou