chances of being accepted?

<p>I'm finishing my junior year in high school and I go to a prestigious private, catholic high school in NH. The academics are pretty demanding. I have a 3.4 GPA and I am a student ambassador and I also take part in amnesty international and key club. I made varsity tennis my freshman and sophomore year but had to drop them both this year to focus on school. I have received awards for art also. I have over 100 hours volunteering at the hospital every week and I plan to continue volunteering throughout this summer and my senior year. I am really interested in Delaware but do I have a good chance of getting in? I understand my GPA isn't the highest, but my school's pretty tough. I also got a 24 on my ACT and im taking the SAT early june.</p>

<p>A lot would depend on the major at Delaware you would be applying for. Do you have a specific major in mind or are you just interested in applying for general studies (No specific major)?</p>

<p>No, I don't have a specific major yet. I will be applying undecided</p>

<p>tennis011: On our school's Naviance, 3.4 and 24 ACT is under the average of what's accepted at UDel, but there are students accepted with those stats. I agree that it depends on your major; also apply early! UDel is getting more competitive every year. No telling what's going to happen when you apply. They had more than 26,000 applicants this year.</p>

<p>I would agree with the comments from LINYMOM. If you are really serious about getting into Delaware I would suggest the following, which should at least increase your odds:</p>

<li>If your SAT combined scores are below 1800 I would consider taking an ACT or SAT Prep course and retake the test(s).</li>
<li>For your Sr. year in HS for both semesters take a full course load (5) with as many honors/AP courses as you can. Work as hard as possible so that your first semester GPA is higher than your overall prior GPA. Delaware looks at GPA trends, not just overall GPA. A higher GPA for this semester should help you.</li>
<li>Write as good an essay as possible. I feel that an excellent essay might be the factor in moving a borderline student into the accepted range.</li>

<p>Of course none of the above can guarantee you admission to Delaware but I feel they could improve your odds. Best of luck to you.</p>