Chances of being accepting into the University of Alabama

<p>OKay, so this was absolutely the worst year of my entire life were I frequently contemplated suicide. However, this isn't the point of my thread, but my point is I didn't try or care about anything at all this year... and because of this I probably don't have a shot at any university.</p>

<p>So what do you think my chances are of getting accepted to BAMA out-of-state, spring semester 2011. </p>

<p>ninth grade-
honors algebra 1- B
english honors-A or B
honors bio- B
global studies-B</p>

<p>tenth grade-
honors eng-C
honors geo-B
Spanish 2-B
ap world-B
honors chem-C</p>

honors eng-B
honors alg 2- C
english honors-B</p>

<p>transferred high schools </p>

honors english-F retaking/ plan on making an A
Bio 2-C
algebra 3-B
art/web design B
sociology C</p>

<p>980 sat just math/reading</p>

<p>1 yr volleyball/ 1 yr cross country hs
beta club/21st century leaders...
75 hours community service</p>


<p>Don't you think your SAT score is bit low?</p>

<p>lmao ya its too low</p>

<p>I think you have a great chance of getting accepted. You keep working hard and you will do fine! Just remember nothing that is worth it is easy, life has its ups and downs, what seems bad today changes tomorrow. You have a full life ahead of you to accomplish your goals. You Can Do It!</p>

<p>PLEASE, anyone give me your thoughts!</p>

<p>Yeah, so that is my score from my first time over a year and a half ago taking my sat btw... I never planned on attending a four year university straight away until now, so that's why I didn't retake it. Anyway, Im retaking my sat and act at the end of this year... and applying spring semester.. but the thing I'm worried about is the fact that I freaking failed honors english senior year and am in summer school. So it's obvious that I just gave up which really does not look good for colleges... Im also applying spring semester... Any opinions would be appreciated... rather positive or negative. THANKS SO MUCH</p>

<p>Good That You Are Retaking Your SAT.
You Might Want To Check Out My Tips For SAT.</p>

<p>My best advice to you:</p>

<p>Work very hard this summer and do well on your retake of honors english. </p>

<p>Be well prepared for your SAT and ACT testing.</p>

<p>Make sure that your essays are your very best work. Be sure they are relevant and give a sense of who you are. This may be your opportunity to explain how hard changing high schools your senior was on you and how you made some mistakes, but learned from them and are ready to take on a new challenge. Have someone you trust proofread. </p>

<p>And on a personal note, I am so sorry you had such a difficult year. It is tough to deal with when you are young and fully mature. But you need to learn some constructive ways to deal with your negative emotions so that when you get to BAMA, you will be able to handle whatever life throws at you. From your post, I see that you were a runner, running is a great way to clear your head and refocus your energy. But it is just one of many ways to handle stress in a positive manner, the key is to find what works for you. Having a strategy for dealing with stress is very important and will be a valuable tool for you for the rest of your life. </p>

<p>Best of luck to you and remember to keep your eye on the prize! Have a BAMA brochure or a poster or two handy to look at when you are feeling overwhelmed, maybe a t-shirt to wear when things get hard for you. It really helps to see what it is you are working so hard for. And know that your best days are ahead of you!</p>

<p>Wow, thank you so much everyone and especially to fishymom. You are not the first person to call me a runner and I'd have to agree with you there. However, I am making changes like signing up for club tennis out side of school since it's over... I also have work experience so maybe I could put that on my college app and am getting a job. </p>

<p>The reasons why I've chosen Alabama is because I live in Georgia now and want to stay close to home. There is no way that I could possibly be accepted into GT, UGA, or EMORY. Also from what I've heard and read I don't think alabama is all that hard to get into. I have a friend back home who also failed english his sophomore year, retook it, got an A, and was accepted this year. The social life looks great too. Also I read somewhere online that the dropout rate of college freshman is something like 1 in 4 so that's another reason why I think I may get in for spring semester... open slots... </p>

<p>Anyway I plan on getting a full-time job, and pray that I'm accepted. Thanks again,

<p>Get your SAT up and I would say yes.</p>

<p>Yeah, Im working on my sat. I just looked up a full year's tuition out-of-state to bama and tuition alone is 19,000 which seems like a complete unfair scam to the 7000 instate. Since I am applying for the spring semester I don't not qualify. The whole year is estimated 30000. Ugh, any advice?? How can any school even charge that. </p>

<p>There is no way I can potentially apply for a merit scholarship after graduation?</p>

<p>Merit aid is awarded by the college(s) at admissions, so having graduated HS doesn't necessarily exclude you but having a low SAT and some gpa issues won't help. Most schools limit their best merit scholarships to first-time freshmen so going to a CC is likely going to exclude you from that pool...but, unless you can identify specific scholarships you can get with your gpa/class rank/SAT, it may not matter anyway. I don't mean than unkindly in any way, but you have to be very realistic when thinking about financial aid and there's no "money fairy" who will come to the rescue.</p>

<p>The reason OOS tuition is higher is because the taxpayers of Alabama, or any state, are subsidizing the tuition for their own in-state residents. College is expensive and no one can afford to pay the freight on every student that wants to attend. The good news is that your state does the same for you:) Do you qualify for the GA Hope Scholarship? Surely there are some instate publics in Georgia that you could be admitted to, at least for your first two years! At that point, with good college grades, you might find merit aid as a transfer student...or you might decide you don't need to go OOS after all!</p>

<p>Finally, your threads seem to focus on merit alone...what is your FAFSA EFC and do you qualify for any other types of aid?</p>

<p>Those grades and SAT are terrible. Unless your ECs are very good (i mean unreal) then I do not like your chances. Do not commit suicide if you get rejected.</p>

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<p>Your stats seem a bit low (I've forgotten how to calculate high school GPAs but yours looks like it would be a low 2). Looks like you'll need to submit a ACT/SAT writing score as well. You may want to look at going to junior or community college in Georgia for a year and then transferring into Alabama, or maybe even UGA, if you can get your act together.</p>

<p>Well, I know someone who had a 2.7 when they applied. Possibly lower with a 1050 sat and was accepted. So this is why I think I have a shot.</p>


<p>Bama doesn't require recs or essay samples, but they will use them for a "borderline admit". Could you provide a good writing sample and some recs?</p>

<p>To be honest, I think I am horrible at writing. However, for our senior project I had to write an autobiography that I personally thought was one of my best. I also wrote a book about myself last year for a english assignment that I worked really hard on. It's six chapters and over ten pages for sure. I can't find it though. Also, I may be able to get some of teachers to write letters of recommendation.</p>

<p>To answer your question, if the writing prompts determine whether I am accepted or not, then I think I can certainly come up with something good. Thank you so much mom2college</p>

<p>Sk8termom, fortunately for me my family has agreed to pay out of state fees.
I have not filled out my fafsa yet, but mom2collegekids suggest that I automatically receive the pell grant for 5500 a year since I had a guardian before the age of 18. </p>

<p>I also considered UGA, but it's extremely competitive here in Georgia since I live in state. I also don't exactly want to wait two years to go to a university, although I may not have a choice and that is my own fault. It seems you know all about the HOPE scholarship which pays for the full tuition... with only a 3.0 in your core classes. It's much easier to get full tuition here, rather than Alabama. Anyway, I consider Alabama a pretty good school and it's probably the only in the south east school that I may have a shot at.</p>